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 SkoRm Federation during the Third Era. Third Term.

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PostSubject: SkoRm Federation during the Third Era. Third Term.   Tue May 29, 2012 4:44 pm

[9th Leoul; 4th Term; 23rd Morrow]
It has been a busy week for the Rodentia Caste, as High Chancellor Taelus Arvanos has been overseeing the Federation’s cooperation in the organization of the new Aequus Marketplace, of which he is most excited (A common sight when it comes to the High Chancellor), and the completion of Tulrieg Town to the South of Käeturg City. The Arch Magister has officially formed the Order of the Veiled Talon, as a “Judging Council of the Raven Caste”, and finished construction of the Federation’s glorious Astrological Research Tower. After welcoming back the Emperor of Taell’as in the monthly congregation on Aequus, Alakaine Moertriktus proceeded by giving a brief tour of the Käeturg Citadel to both Yuellas and the Prime Inquisitor of the Archaen Confederacy , to which was most appreciated by both factions. The Federation is currently contemplating sending a tribute of resources to assist in the slowly fading state of poverty in the Union, nothing is official yet, but two of three castes have pushed this motion forward. No news on the Grand Commander as of late.

No further reports at this time.
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SkoRm Federation during the Third Era. Third Term.
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