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 SkoRm Federation During the Third Era, Seventh Term.

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SkoRm Federation During the Third Era, Seventh Term. Empty
PostSubject: SkoRm Federation During the Third Era, Seventh Term.   SkoRm Federation During the Third Era, Seventh Term. I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 23, 2012 5:18 pm

[9th Leoul; 6th Term; 22nd Morrow]
Due to the recent aggressions between the Archaen Confederacy and the Dynasty, many controversies and debates have been presented as the factions toss accusations and spite back and forth. The Dynasty unlawfully invaded the Confederate citadel by surprise, destroying their treasury and valuable wares, in response to the presence of the surveillance fort just west of the Belmont Keep. In retaliation, the Prime Inquisitor Saenx, launched a tactical invasion fleet, assisted by the Hierarchy and Republic, and constructed an additional fortified keep adjacent to the surveillance fort, from which they demanded hefty terms from the Dynasty, under threat of destruction. The Advent Sword's beacons were lit, and the Federation immediately sent aid to bolster their allies walls and defences. The Dynasty defended their position justifying his law breaking by claiming that the Confederate Fort was to be taken down upon the Dynasty's joining of the Parley, and that through unlawful espionage, they had discovered an underground construct consisting of unknown technology, granting ease of access to the holy land of Aequus belonging to the Confederacy.

The Taell'as Hierarchy interceded by hosting negotiations with King Belmont within his castle, and after discussing solutions to this quarrel, came to realise the hostile nature of the Confederate forts from the perspective of the Dynasty walls. The Hierarchy sought an end to this squabble and began destroying the Military Confederate fort, and a small battle ensued between their forces, to which cease fire followed shortly. The Prime Inquisitor was infuriated by the lack of action and punishment given to the Dynasty, and demanded his terms be met, but the majority of factions present came to remove favour from his just requests. After forces from all factions retracted, a meeting was hosted on Aequus to attempt a conclusion to this mess, the Hierarchy and Federation agreed to allowing the initial Confederate fort on Dynasty lands as response to their severe law breaking, under the term that forces of the Advent Sword would increase occupation presence in favour of the Dynasty as counter-measure should another conflict spark.

The following morrow, The Dynasty attacked the rebuilt second fort, due to not being aware of the meeting hosted the previous morrow. This created a largely serious matter in which massive peace-time was called until the predicament could officially be resolved without the ultimate destruction of either factions involved.

The Serpent Caste is currently in construction of additional Vulture-Class interceptors to further contribute to the Advent Sword garrison, The H.M.S Aegol has already been deployed the the Raven Caste embassy within the Dynasty Jungle.

The Grand Commander, Vuldir Frieghild, has recently returned from the eastern crusade to personally tend to the rising tension between nations of Terraineus, and as such has deployed his warships to vital positions across the globe to assist in the security of allied nations, and to fortify the power base and presence of the SkoRm Federation.
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SkoRm Federation During the Third Era, Seventh Term.
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