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 SkoRm Federation during the Third Era. Second Term.

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PostSubject: SkoRm Federation during the Third Era. Second Term.   Tue May 29, 2012 4:42 pm

[9th Leoul; 4th Term; 19th Morrow]
With the completion of the Citadel within Kaeturg City drawing nearer, questions are arising from all three castes regarding the Federations future endeavours and motives. As of late, a slight power struggle has broken out between the castes, as the Serpent seeks to motivate a grand war effort, whereas the Raven and Rodentia Castes both encourage a diplomatic stance for the time being. As the Federation looks out into Terraineus, concerns linger about the steadily growing Military presence of the Archaen Confederacy in the far West whilst the Taell’as Hierarchy struggles with internal affairs, hindering any defensive/offensive efforts they could possibly conjure at this time.

Grand Commander Vuldir Frieghild has ordered the construction of multiple defensive structures in the event of a naval assault from the West, displaying confidence that the walls of Kaeturg are already built to defend from any incursion from the south. High Chancellor Taelus Arvanos however pleads with the Serpent caste to take a more passive approach to the rising tensions amongst the lands and to think carefully before his actions spark a conflict with any of the opposing power bases on Terraineus, as he believes that a war effort at this time could leave the resources required for expansion of the Federation utterly depleted. The Arch Magister has not been present for external negotiations as of late, the overseeing of the Onyx Temple has left his schedule too busy as more potential Acolytes are being “Ascended” to the Raven Caste’s new Veiled Talon order, which rumours believe is now a ruling council within the Federation holding possibly frightening influence.

Any further news is currently unavailable...
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SkoRm Federation during the Third Era. Second Term.
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