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 SkoRm Federation During the Third Era, Fifth Term.

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SkoRm Federation During the Third Era, Fifth Term. Empty
PostSubject: SkoRm Federation During the Third Era, Fifth Term.   SkoRm Federation During the Third Era, Fifth Term. I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 05, 2012 2:00 pm

[9th Leoul; 5th Term; 29th Morrow]
As of late, news from the Federation has only been of conflict and constructions in assistance of Aequus, we hope this is understandable as Terraineus's safety was at stake with the recent war.

Lately, major transformations have occurred within Käeturg Citadel and the Castes of SkoRm as the former High Minister Taelus Arvanos has been given utmost power within his caste, no longer being a voice of just the Council of the Twelve, but becoming it's leading figure. Arvanos has been appointed as the Federation's High Chancellor and has issued the grand solidification of Skjöldunga by overseeing the reconstruction and expansion of the Citadel in the vision of a "Masterpiece to represent SkoRm's shadow in Terraineus". Due to this mighty change in Government, the other Castes of the Federation have made their foundations absolute and risen to the greatest potential power within our nation; Vuldir Frieghild has been granted the rank of Grand Commander of the SkoRm Federation, giving him complete power over the Serpent's armies and military influence throughout Terraineus; Alakaine Moertriktus has been chosen for ascension as the Arch-Magister of SkoRm himself and has formed the Skjöldungan Triumvirate, consisting of the High Chancellor and Grand Commander as the ultimate unchallenged rulers of the Federation.

The changes to the Federation have arisen in the light of both the recent war and the threat of the eastern tribes opposing the nation's presence. The new Arch Magister had this to say:
"The times have grown darker than ever before, but it is in the dark where our mighty host is most powerful... The transformations of our Federation are not out of fear, for we do not feel it. They are for the ever rising power of the Draegon, as we raise our grand Citadel in the name of SkoRm!"

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SkoRm Federation During the Third Era, Fifth Term.
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