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 Dismissed Sorrow ~ Federation Concern

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PostSubject: Dismissed Sorrow ~ Federation Concern   Dismissed Sorrow ~ Federation Concern I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 14, 2012 4:36 pm

For eras now, hatred has lingered ever-so vigilantly, enveloping the strong and destroying the weak, and to this we shed a tear. The suspicions and disdain held towards those that have made mistakes in the past, is too strong, and it is this predicament which drives the Federation's sorrows, as it is in our nature to protect and assist those looked down upon by the greatest. In the past, the Federation's goals have been clouded by the war-hungry mind of Vuldir Frieghild, and now with his death comes a new Era, the fourth, the one said to bring about potential prosperity and trade solidification, to us this is a shining beacon of hope.

If our being is to strive within Terraineus enemies and Allies alike MUST work together, or we shall continue to contain a societal deprivation. The people of the Federation have pleaded with leadership to withdraw from interactivity with the nations due to the cold hatred, but now we see a chance to make right the wrongs of our lands, to inspire peace between the grand factions... and to end the squabbles of petty grudges and prejudice. Scheming, plotting and war must become a primitive practice of the past if we are to evolve as a civilised people, let us not fall to the same fate as the once honourable Ropden, who were considered welcoming seafarers that had kind hearts until they too lost hope, and gave in to the helplessness that is spite.

In this shining new era, the Saraneae Federation lend a hand to those in need, pleading with our brethren to accept change for the good of Terraineus, and to open our hospitality to the West, East, South and as well as the North.

We want peace... and we will happily fall a thousand times to ensure this possible prosperity...
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Dismissed Sorrow ~ Federation Concern
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