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 The Ascension of the Saraneae Federation

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The Ascension of the Saraneae Federation Empty
PostSubject: The Ascension of the Saraneae Federation   The Ascension of the Saraneae Federation I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 07, 2012 3:26 am

[9th Leoul; 7th Term; 7th morrow]
As of late, the Federation has been heavily pre-occupied with what started as a minor alteration to government, and had Skjöldunga locked down... this caused nation-wide horror.

On the 7th term, 7th morrow, Alakaine Moertriktus effectively took over the Käeturg Citadel with a trained force of elite magisters, and swiftly executed the bulk of the Serpent Caste's leadership overnight, including Vuldir Frieghild. A conspiracy that has been in the making for well over an era, the former Arch-Magister and former High-Chancellor now have complete uncontested control of the Federation, and have placed themselves at the heart of a reforged faction to a mutual gain.

Arising from a shroud of conjured mystery, the nation now stands as the Saraneae Federation, abolishing all worship of SkoRm entirely, Taelus Arvanos and Alakaine Moertriktus have named themselves Archons to control the nation without question or challenge. With the eradication of the castes, the Ebony Archon Arvanos controls all economics, military and expansion endeavours; the Onyx Archon Moertriktus controls all diplomatic involvement, political affairs, culture and trade. The citizens of the Federation have been assured that this reformation will only strengthen the cause, and our adaptation will only further empower our motives. No longer shall the powers of the Federation be guided by a false idol, and in place of this alteration has come to light the metaphorical worship and culture of Nuingoliant, the Arachnid of pure darkness.

The majority of military occupations have been withdrawn, whereas agriculture and economic facilities have increased in their place to further the Federation's trade presence within Terraineus.

Casting aside their stolen religious traditions, and forging anew in the light of their goals and true culture, the Saraneae Federation seek to further the interactivity between the nations of Terraineus, and with the death of the figure that supported a war, true progression may now begin.
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The Ascension of the Saraneae Federation
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