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 Nation Information (Updated 9/06/12)

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Zyro Yuellas
Zyro Yuellas

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PostSubject: Nation Information (Updated 9/06/12)   Nation Information (Updated 9/06/12) I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 04, 2012 7:28 pm

Empire of Avalar

Coat of Arms: Nation Information (Updated 9/06/12) Hierar11
Anthem: Glory of the Hierarchy (Taell'as Hierarchy Theme http://terraineus.forumotion.com/t26-rp-themes-of-winning)
Binding Constitution: Praxis of the Hierarchy
Capital: Taersus City
Largest City: Taersus City
Official Languages: Terraineus Common, Avalar Standard
National Language: Avalar Standard
Demographic: Mixed: Fauns, Cheetahs, Electrolls, Turtles and Grei
- Type: Autocratic.
- Ruler: Emperor Zyro Yuellas
Legislature (Governing Bodies):
- Lower: Avalar Pedestal Council
- Upper: Taell’as Hierarchy
Area: Winter Tundra, Autumn Plains, Spring Isles and Summer Forest.
Size: Epic.
Goal: Unification of Terraineus.
Military Strength: Homeland Security Army. Experienced tacticians. Five specialized armies.
Location: East across the Grand Ocean from Aequus, south-south-east of the Saraneae Federation.
National Currency: Sovereign (s’)
Dating System: Taell’as Chronicci, Doomsday Calender.

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Nation Information (Updated 9/06/12) Empty
PostSubject: Saraneae Federation Nation Information   Nation Information (Updated 9/06/12) I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 04, 2012 8:52 pm

The Saraneae Federation of Skjöldunga

Nation Information (Updated 9/06/12) Sarane11
Coat of Arms/Insignia:
Nation Information (Updated 9/06/12) Sarane10
Anthem: The Dark Resolve (Saraneae Federation Theme http://terraineus.forumotion.com/t26-rp-themes-of-winning)
Binding Constitution: Oath of Nuingoliant.
Capital: The Black Citadel.
Largest City: Käeturg City.
Official Languages: Terraineus Common, Skjöldungan.
National Language: Skjöldungan.
Demographic: Human.
- Type: Diarchy
- Ruler(s): Ebony Archon Arvanos, Onyx Archon Moertriktus.
Legislature (Governing Bodies):
- Lower: City/Village council(s)
- Upper: Archons.
Area: Lush Jungles of Skjöldunga, Juorngll Forests.
Size: Largely stretched.
Goal: To further spin the webs of preservation.
Military Strength: Experienced strategists which utilise fear as a weapon. Tactical naval fleet. Vicious unrelenting infantry acting as vanguard. Force size is debatable.
Location: Mid-North East across the Grand Ocean from Aequus, North-East from the Taell'as Hierarchy (Avalar), South East from the Lupus Monarchy.
National Currency: Onyx Coins.
Dating System: SkoRm Chronic Term Calender. Leouls; (Consists of five terms), Terms; (Consists of 71 morrows) Morrows; 20 hours. Standard Hours/minutes/seconds.

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Dio Brando
Master of Men (Women too)
Master of Men (Women too)
Dio Brando

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PostSubject: Re: Nation Information (Updated 9/06/12)   Nation Information (Updated 9/06/12) I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 14, 2012 9:09 pm

Nation Information (Updated 9/06/12) Hylian16
Insignia: Of the Belmont family
Nation Information (Updated 9/06/12) Thumbl10
Anthem: Prelude of the Entei - http://terraineus.forumotion.com/t26-rp-themes-of-winning
Binding Constitution: The Will of the Ancestors.
Capital: Castle Belmont
Largest city: Castle Belmont
Official Languages: Terraineus Common and Entian
National Language: Entian
Demographic: Entei warriors and tradesmen. Mexicano servents.
-Type: Monarchy
-Ruler: King Adrian Belmont
-Lower: Village/Town communities
-Mid: Village/Town/City councils
-High: The Seven Abyss.
Area: The plains and mountains of Falconia and the great Jungle Hawken
Size: Large mountainous Region (Castle Belmont is located within a flat area facing Aequus.)
Goal: To Expand the Entei, through the pursuit of justice.
Military Strength: Several warriors and engineers well versed in combat and wartime. In the event it must occur, Adrian Belmont shall send Alchemists and practitioners of black arts to assist in the resurrection of the Fallen One by Kreighund Loyalists, arguably the most powerful force within Terraineus.
Location: North of Aequus
National Currency: Gold coins
Dating System:The calendar of the Entei operates by 1000 days per Calendar, Adrian was born in the 120th calendar on the 177th day.
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PostSubject: Re: Nation Information (Updated 9/06/12)   Nation Information (Updated 9/06/12) I_icon_minitime

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Nation Information (Updated 9/06/12)
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