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 Eras of Terraineus

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PostSubject: Eras of Terraineus   Eras of Terraineus I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 09, 2012 7:10 pm

1st - Precursor Era: Before Aequus Ratification Parley, tribes left the holy land to expand and begin their destinies.
2nd - Pre-Maturity Era: Taell'as Empire, Arvo Republic, Taell'as Hierarchy, Krieghund Dynasty, Archaen Confederacy, SkoRm Federation, Union of Archaedus; Destruction of the first Dynasty.
3rd - Maturity Era: Lupus Monarchy, Belmont Dynasty, Tirtuiga Republic, Ropden Flotilla; Quelling of the Ropden Rebellion, Second and Third Dynasty Incidents, The Terraineus Cold-War.
4th - Post-Maturity Era: Saraneae Federation, Trade prosperity era.
5th - Taell'as Rising: Taell'as United Hegemony, Archaen Confederacy, The Unification of Terraineus, The Diviner Incident: Collapse and the Arrival of Zorc.
Eras of Terraineus Zork10
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Eras of Terraineus
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