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 The Avalar Morrow - 604 LC - Terraineus Common Issue

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The Avalar Morrow - 604 LC - Terraineus Common Issue Empty
PostSubject: The Avalar Morrow - 604 LC - Terraineus Common Issue   The Avalar Morrow - 604 LC - Terraineus Common Issue I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 05, 2012 5:43 pm

The Avalar Morrow - 604 LC - Terraineus Common Issue

On the 603 LC, violent protesters invaded the streets of Aequus and solidified their rage on the Archaen Confederacy’s embassy. The root of the cause is somewhat murky, but most believe that the Confederate government was responsible for stealing a vast amount of high quality goods from the citizens of Aequus. Seers have embedded vision from the later stages of the anarchy into the magicka stone that accompanies this news article.

In other news, the Taell’as Hierarchy is officially closing up shop on Aequus and have removed their embassy, authorised by Emperor Yuellas himself. The reason is withheld. Markets are expected to fall across the world, however, the Hierarchy has released a statement saying that they still lay claim to their signature on the Ratification Parley of Aequus, and are making no attempt to provoke violence in any way. Grand Templar Nenyrrlyn Sszon official states that this is effective as of 602 LC.

The Avalar Morrow - 604 LC - Terraineus Common Issue Nigger10

The expansion rush funded by the Avalar Pedestal Council continues, road networks are growing and Avalar society is flourishing. The Hierarchy is planning increased development over the coming epochs.

Suspicions raised - Hierarchy works on a top secret project deep under the surface in a subterranean facility - claim dismissed as “preposterous rumour”.

Advice Corner
Q: Erith’s time proud crops now grow weak pathetic. Erith’s friends share equal news and Erith is afraid for the time. At now time rate, Erith cannot hope to satisfy the Hierarchy’s need tax with time season’s crops. Erith is not close feeding the family and only time shortly paid for the house. Erith needs assistance help. Is there every that can be work for the fix wheat?

Translated by Ruiz Belair

A: As of current, Avalar’s wheat fields are suffering abnormal growth, some are even glowing! The Hierarchy is investigating the matter. Their involvement underlines any significance behind this issue and a solution should be expected over the coming epochs. Find your path, your centre and focus on hope. Time is the key to the door. You’ll get through this.

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The Avalar Morrow - 604 LC - Terraineus Common Issue
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