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 The Avalar Morrow - 623 LC - Terraineus Common Issue

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PostSubject: The Avalar Morrow - 623 LC - Terraineus Common Issue    Sat Jun 23, 2012 2:35 pm

The Avalar Morrow - 623 LC - Terraineus Common Issue
"The meaning of Taell'as is perfection"

Main Story:
As friction grows between the Confederacy and Belmont Dynasty, the nations of the world brace themselves for the worst. Negotiations between ambassadors of the Confederacy and the Advent Sword alliance reach cycle four, with optimistic outcomes. The Confederacy claims that its "surveillance base" is merely put in place to ensure the safety of Terraineus when the large fortification is in fact, heightening hostility. As part of an unofficial retaliation, militia of the Dynasty lashed out and commenced attacks against Confederacy storerooms. They claim no Confederacy civilians were harmed in the incident. The repercussion triggered a massive backlash by Confederate leadership who are now bent on the Dynasty's total annihilation.

As per the Belmont Dynasty's return to Terraineus, an unofficial agreement stated that a Confederate monitoring outpost be constructed in close proximity to Belmont Castle until the Dynasty officially signed the Ratification Parley of Aequus, which they did without hassle. The test to prove that the Mad King no longer influences within the Dynasty was successful, but the outpost remained. The Republic, Hierarchy, Federation and Monarchy all desire a peaceful, just and timely solution.

Other news:

Fortification efforts and garrison troops of Taersus City have tripled.

The famine continues, cycle seven-teen.

The Taersus City Processor finishes construction.

The Tirtiuga Republic, Taell'as Hierarchy and Archaen Confederacy form the Traders Emergency Coalition.

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The Avalar Morrow - 623 LC - Terraineus Common Issue
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