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 The Avalar Morrow - Special Report - 605 LC - Terraineus Common Issue

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PostSubject: The Avalar Morrow - Special Report - 605 LC - Terraineus Common Issue    Tue Jun 05, 2012 7:51 am

Special Report
Festivities surrounding the defeat of the Entei Dynasty have been cancelled in light of recent events that have shaken the Taell'as Hierarchy. Unknown forces attacked the Imperial Palace in Taersus City in the morning, palace staff have confirmed that Cyni Narlas, a sibling of the Emperor is missing and nowhere to be found. The Palace Garrison is scouring the streets and beyond Taersus's outskirts,
Grand Marshall of the Army Syn Ythkaith has commented on the situation. "Richter Krieghund is a mad-man and a terrorist! It was fool-hardy to allow such vermin a second chance at their own invalid existence." The Hierarchy's armies have made no move off-shore, but only time will reveal the truth.
Other sources tell a criminal organisation known as "Echelon" is responsible for the attack and abduction; this claim has been dismissed, however.
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The Avalar Morrow - Special Report - 605 LC - Terraineus Common Issue
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