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 The Dynasty Incidents (War of the Heretic's Flame) - Taell'as Hierarchy

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The Dynasty Incidents (War of the Heretic's Flame) - Taell'as Hierarchy Empty
PostSubject: The Dynasty Incidents (War of the Heretic's Flame) - Taell'as Hierarchy   The Dynasty Incidents (War of the Heretic's Flame) - Taell'as Hierarchy I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 06, 2012 6:21 pm

On the 604 LC, The returning Entei Dynasty had seized control over Terraineus’ birth rite, Aequus. The Triumvirate Nations, supported strongly by the Lupus Monarchy staged a counter-attack to recapture Aequus, utilising a Hierarchy-constructed tunnel that links Avalar to an undisclosed location on Aequus. Shortly after, the fleets of the world struck the Entei Expansion HQ, bombarded the fort whilst foot soldiers ransacked and burned the construct to the ground. The armies encountered no resistance and quickly returned to their respective homelands to prepare for the inevitable counter-attack. The chain of events is known to the Taell’as Hierarchy as the “The Second Dynasty Incident”. The commander of the Entei expansion operation is known as Ki-an Richter Krieghund. The “Mad King” was imprisoned in an impenetrable prison on Aequus forever. As a result, Entei loyalists maraudered the nations involved in his incarceration. While all nations were in lock-down, the Mad King was somehow sprung from his prison to curse and rape the lands of Terraineus once more.
Once again, he forced the hand of the world’s leaders and he demanded the position of care-taker for Aequus, but was quickly rejected. After a reasonable amount of time, he begged for forgiveness and was granted a fair trial in the Imperial Palace of the Taell’as Hierarchy. Disregarding the damage caused, he was generously given an opportunity to start over, in peace.

The Third Dynasty Incident began a Lunar Cycle after the Second Dynasty Incident was concluded in 604.
Before the clichéd conquering of the Holy Land, the Mad King attempted to “buy” the Hierarchy’s war-machine, bribing the Emperor with large sums of money in order to coax him into conflict with the SkoRm Federation, whilst doing the same with the Confederacy; against the Hierarchy. The Emperor called an emergency meeting with the other two Triumvirate Nations and revealed the plot and suggested co-operation with the Mad King’s plan towards a well-orchestrated trap. It was learned however, that Krieghund had already captured Aequus and conflict was sparked. Though much stronger and more prepared, the nations went into lockdown and the search began for Krieghund. He was found in the Hierarchy’s tunnels – the very same used in the Second Dynasty Incident – and was promptly captured. Once again, hauled to the throne room of the Imperial Palace, but in a cage suspended from the ceiling, the Emperor believed the very concept of a “fair trial” was beyond mediocre and infuriating. He pushed for a quick execution. Hierarchy Grand Marshall of the Army Ythkaith quoted: “The Entei Dynasty does not deserve forgiveness, but the mercy of our slaughter for being weak! Provide it for them.” Grei in general have a strong hatred of lies and will very rarely deceive others.

The world of Terraineus was deemed “free” on the 605 LC, after the Mad King’s death.
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The Dynasty Incidents (War of the Heretic's Flame) - Taell'as Hierarchy
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