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 War of the Heretic's Flame - Federation Perspective.

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War of the Heretic's Flame - Federation Perspective. Empty
PostSubject: War of the Heretic's Flame - Federation Perspective.   War of the Heretic's Flame - Federation Perspective. I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 05, 2012 1:25 am

[9th Leoul;4th Term; 3rd morrow] Recently, after protests on Aequus against the alleged crimes of the Archaen Confederacy had ceased, a staged attack on the SkoRm Federation embassy was carried out in broad daylight by Warriors of the Krieghund Dynasty, utilising a forbidden material to explode the foundations of the construct from beneath it. This attack was met with a swift death to the violent attackers, as this was a treasonous crime which had to be dealt with immediately; The nations of Terraineus demanded King Krieghund show himself, to which he ignored the command and was elusive after his flee from Aequus. After nightfall when the factions had made their leave from Aequus, the Dynasty rallied their entire armies and stormed the Holy Land, desecrating the
constructs, burning down the flags of the proud people of Terraineus, hanging Cyan banners from each Embassy and raising an obscure shrine to their Bird-God in dominance of Aequus.

King Krieghund had successfully taken the land of the Birth Rite, ransacked the properties then made blasphemous threats against Terraineus claiming to own Aequus. Out of fury, the nations bound together and met their forces within Avalar, to which the Empire of Taell'as led them through ancient caverns underneath the Grand Ocean through to Aequus. The forces surprised the remaining Dynasty presence on Aequus, overwhelming them completely as some retreated back across the Ocean to continue in their King's heretical plans. The victory re-taking Aequus was short lived however when the King officially declared successful infiltration of each faction's cities/keeps and sparked global horror; However the Federation proposed a swift invasion of the Dynasty lands in retaliation before they secured their own and led an unrelenting combined force of all Parley factions in Siege against the heretics. An ambush from north of the Entei Fortress broke through the wall, setting ablaze to it ferociously as the bulk of the force crushed the gates and began the sacking of the Dynasty's home. The armies were met with little to no resistance and it wasn't before long that they realised the damage caused to each faction's lands, charging to their homes and leaving the enemy Fortress razed. Forces were spread across the continents in search of the remaining Entei resistance and it was the Confederacy and Federation's men which spotted the Heretic King's personal battalion south of Avalar, slaughtering his men but having their leader elude the attack.

In the later hours of the day, the Mad King left subtle messages across his war path detailing a negotiation of his being for imprisonment under the condition of a large sum of currency. The nations agreed to this and found him self-caged on Aequus, he asked for fair trial and was taken to the Taell'as Imperial Palace for judgement from all factions. He begged for mercy and formally apologised for his actions, claiming them to be a realisation to Terraineus of it's fragility yet strength in troubled times and humbly asked to rejoin the Parley of Aequus and to start anew. The Empire, Federation and Union leaders agreed to his wish and set him free to his lands under the condition of a grand debt to Terraineus through supplies and currency over vast quantities of time to pay for his heretical misdeeds.

The Dynasty had officially rejoined the nations under the Parley, rebuilt their Fortress and sought to make amends for their heinous crimes. Aequus had been repaired of it's losses and desecration, and the factions had recovered from their minor losses. This war had caused large distrust amongst nations and pushed them to place emphasis on defence of their lands, not overlooking the now strong disdain toward the Dynasty.

It wasn't before long that the freedom of Krieghund brought upon yet another attempt to conquer Terraineus, with the sole exception that the nations were prepared for this and reacted quickly without hesitation. The Mad King attempted a second capturing of Aequus to which failed quickly, allowing a window of opportunity for the factions to scour the east for his location due to his clichéd assault on southern Avalar. The Federation personally launched their fleet toward the Dynasty fortress, but to no avail as the keep had been deserted entirely with no trace of the enemy forces. Despite the thorough search through Avalar, there was no sign of the Mad King's presence, it was then that Arch Magister Alakaine Moertriktus admitted a secret alliance between him and the Dynasty to the nations and utilised deceit to assist in discovering the heretic's location. Soldiers of the Taell'as Hierarchy found him hiding within the ancient tunnels connecting Avalar and Aequus used in the second Dynasty incident, and brought him before the Emperor's Imperial Palace where the leaders of Terraineus awaited to carry out trial to the heretics repeated misdeeds. There was no hope for a fair trial due to his unforgivable crimes to the lands and after short consideration by the nations, the sentence was immediate execution.

With the death of the Mad King Ki-an Richter Krieghund, a great threat to Terraineus was lifted and ceased to exist, times have since changed and the remaining loyalists of the Dynasty have rallied to their next leader, heir to the Dynasty at the end of the Krieghund reign, King Adrian Belmont. This new lord of the mistrusted nation promises a lighter future, one of great justice and power without the mistakes of their former King, and claims that the Belmont Dynasty shall aim to reclaim their former glory as a force to be reckoned with that is loyal to Terraineus. Only time shall tell their future...
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War of the Heretic's Flame - Federation Perspective.
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