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 Early chronicles of written history from the perspective of the Taell'as Hierarchy

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Early chronicles of written history from the perspective of the Taell'as Hierarchy Empty
PostSubject: Early chronicles of written history from the perspective of the Taell'as Hierarchy   Early chronicles of written history from the perspective of the Taell'as Hierarchy I_icon_minitimeWed May 30, 2012 7:54 am

Greatly influenced by the aristocratic caste of nobility and wealth, the Taell’as Empire is imperialistic by nature and is one of the most industrial nations on Terraineus. The Taell’as populace is divided by its caste-based society, distinguished by status and wealth. Construction material is the Empire’s largest trade and contributes to the continued expansion of its legendary architecture, both in the capital of Taersus City and her colonies scattered across the eastern world.

During the early-to-middle age, the Taell’as Hierarchy became the most powerful and influential nation on the planet. Neighbouring countries were intimidated and if war were to break out, all were convinced that the Hierarchy would be the only country that could afford a long and costly war against the world… and win.

As of current, the Taell’as Hierarchy’s place as the most powerful nation is debatable, as both of the SkoRm Federation and Arvo Confederacy have advanced exponentially.

The Arvo Republic was the second nation to emerge from the Taell’as homeland. The early development of the sovereign country was severely hampered, thanks to constant barbarian raids.
Under unknown circumstances, the Republic had undergone a peaceful schism. The Arvo Confederacy and SkoRm Federation were the resulting factions. The Confederacy kept the homeland when the Federation migrated back across the Grand Ocean and settled the jungles of the Great North.

Growing concerns of an inevitable war influenced the architecture of the Arvo and SkoRm nations, inspiring battle-ready designs made from sturdy material, primarily cobblestone.
It occurred to the early leaders of the world that a neutral ground was required for international meetings. A mesa on the island-continent of Aequus was officially designated and the ‘Ratification Parley of Aequus’ was formed and signed by all three nations.

At the end of the early age, a splinter faction of unknown origins called ‘The Entei Dynasty’ had congregated on the continent sitting on the southern edge of the Grand Ocean. Their code demanded battle and had become officially became hostile when their leaders refused to sign the Ratification Parley. A joint-nation invasion force between the Arvo Republic and Taell’as Hierarchy invaded the lands of the Dynasty and ultimately crushed them with ease. Non-hostile civilians and families were spared to make their own destiny, but were warned by the armies that another uprising would easily be annihilated and would only result in wasted resources and unnecessary loss of life. The surviving population would eventually give birth to the Union of Archaedus.


The Inquisition is a pro-magic guild of scientists dedicated to the advancement of the Hierarchy’s technology, philosophy and knowledge about the common world and beyond. Morals and ethics are no barriers to the order and are plagued by a dark past. “Led” by the Inquisitor, the guild has a relaxed hierarchal system, where the Inquisitor is merely a spokesperson of the group. The organisation based in Taell’as, but can be found all over the world, where discoveries of science can be made.

The Templar of the Order of the Holy Flame is a sworn nemesis of the Inquisition, firmly believing that the elimination of morals and the use of magic are corruptive and that enlightenment can be achieved through other means, such as meditation. Members are distinguished by rank only and follow a strict warrior code. The Grand Templar has complete power over what happens within the Order, and unofficially, outside sources of influence.

~Ythys Sen
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Early chronicles of written history from the perspective of the Taell'as Hierarchy
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