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 FEENIX: The Story So Far...

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Zyro Yuellas
Zyro Yuellas

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PostSubject: FEENIX: The Story So Far...   FEENIX: The Story So Far... I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 17, 2012 6:45 pm

FEENIX: The Story So Far... Forest10

The Resistance Movement: a companionship of friends and strangers alike dedicated to the protection of civilians against specifically Keheerathn and his subservient band of miscreants. In their successful defence of Darkshire and Lakeshire, the resistance becomes a fully fledged organization. Much of the Resistance has temporarily moved to Stormwind City, eagerly waiting their next call of duty.

- Lyrao

- Alyrion

- Fayes

- (Jahrii) Garon

- Evinston

- Kyriae

- Amoroes

- Kaick

The companions are found relaxing in the Pig and Whistle Tavern, training at the gates of the city or strolling the streets. Meanwhile, Lyrao is searching for leads while an unwarranted spectator observes the whole shebang.

Undetected and unchallenged, Keheerathn and his 'Organization' prepares to set in motion a series of events that cannot be ignored... a crime that compromises the very balance of reality.

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FEENIX: The Story So Far... Empty
PostSubject: Temporal Threads   FEENIX: The Story So Far... I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 09, 2012 8:44 am

In a final attempt to quell the vicious fighting and presence of Horde in the land of Feralas, The Resistance mustered the strength and courage of not only their own, but some of the able bodied men and women of Stormwind, all Racial walks of the Alliance banded together to put an end to the threat once and for all.

Upon arriving at the shores of Feralas, the Resistance met the full brunt of Gurl'tok's War-band, in a seemingly accidental crossfire, it was not long however before the true enemy revealed himself, Keheerathn, the greatest threat to our existence. Taking advantage of the crossfire, Keheerathn unleash powerful and devastating Chaos Magic to wreck the battlefield, killing many of both sides before fleeing back to the Organization's base of operations, The Dread Isle. After parley was had at both sides of the Resistance and War-band, they agreed to side together to eliminate Keheerathn.

With the acquisition of a small fleet of ships, the combined force of Gurl'tok and the Resistance blitzkrieged the Dread Isle's shores, and met no opposition until they reached the centre of the Island, there they saw Keheerathn, atop a large cliff, he signalled his forces and from what seemed to be nowhere, an army of "Nameless" appeared before our heroes and engaged in a massive battle. Hours became of them, and with many casualties, the Nameless were almost defeated.. but to no avail, the members of the Organization had finally revealed themselves, and begun to wreck havoc upon the scene of the battle with their tremendous powers. What seemed like an unbeatable fight, the Resistance and War-band fought to their last, the majority of their companions, and friends laid dead before them.

All sides of this cruel conflict inflicted great casualties and losses, and just as this tragedy couldn't get any further worse, Keheerathn, successfully completing his dark and mysterious ritual, had begun to bring the Isle down and along with it, drag it's invaders to the depths; And even the Organization. Together the survivors attempted to escape, the last ship hardly made it out of the bay, however.. it was too late. Keheerathn had unleashed an unholy tear in the fabric of time, erasing the history of the island in an attempt to cover up his incomprehensible success, and forcing the survivors through the rift of time.

Forced a decade into the past, our heroes destinies have been changed forever, as their past is twisted and changed, events different as they were before.
In a world forever changed, they must collect their past and reforge the present, in an attempt to restore.. The Temporal Threads.
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FEENIX: The Story So Far...
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