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 RP Bio Format

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PostSubject: RP Bio Format   RP Bio Format I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 12, 2012 6:22 pm

Use to keep notes about yourself, not necessarily used as a kind of name tag. In the event that you're unsure about detail, describe every word that you as an outsider viewing the character would see. Use RP devices -- if you don't have a set age, describe how old the character looks, based on physical aspects and personal history. Take Keheerathn -- he has the frail physique of a bi-century year old root and has a lengthy history in pursuing a daunting goal.

>Other bio formats are permitted. Everyone here is friendly (mostly). Give a holler if you have any questions. The bios for other characters can be used as examples if you are unsure about anything.

>Remember, it's better to build a believable normal person than try to live up to a legend. When exploring the personalities of "normal" characters, people tend to search for what makes this person different in their fundamentals or mindset and goals.

Name: What are you called? What nicknames do others give you?
Age: Any indication that gives us how old your character is. If unknown, describe your appearance based on aging.
Race: Race and sub-race if applicable.
Gender: Male, female, other.
Skills: Actions you excel at, story-wise.
Role: Your place in the story. Also include your occupations, positions and responsibilities.
Appearance: Screenshots are recommended. Describe your appearance.
Theme song: Use this to reinforce the feel of your character. Imagine this playing when you enter the room at a critical moment.
Personality: Briefly describe your character's emotions and take on things.
Hit: Things that make your day. Use one powerful object.
Miss: Something that ticks you off above all. Helps describe your tolerances.
Goals: Your end-of-the-road objective.
Biographical notes: Past events that shaped your character, historical happenings that shape the RP from your character's perspective.

Current Status: Not to be updated every six seconds. Use to inform others if you're doing something important, like relaxing on the beach while everyone else fights for their lives in Darkshire with a sandstorm that appeared from NOWHERE that threatens the existence of all.
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RP Bio Format
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