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 The Native Religion Of The Slang - Slangism

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PostSubject: The Native Religion Of The Slang - Slangism   Fri Aug 10, 2012 11:55 pm

The belief of the slang vary although they are naturally devoted to the religion of the old, the indigenous religion of the slang empire. Slangism. This is a religion of polytheism and is explained by the slang to "make perfect logical sense and is reasonable and applicable to daily life". The belief starts with the variation of deities within Slangism:

Slangist Creation Story

The world was created by the Great Donkey in a torch (slang be upon him) and he was believed to have divinely inspired the creation and the formation of the world with his powers. The Great Donkey in a torch (slang be upon him) created the great world of what it is today and also created its wonderful aspects such as inconvenient. Pain. Suffering and poverty.
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The Native Religion Of The Slang - Slangism
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