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 FEENIX: Keheerathn's Blood-Band

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FEENIX: Keheerathn's Blood-Band Empty
PostSubject: FEENIX: Keheerathn's Blood-Band   FEENIX: Keheerathn's Blood-Band I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 10, 2012 11:21 pm

A notable Horde Party that has arisen in the midst of the faction's chaos, is the violent collection of forces under the command of the dark Warlock, Keheerathn. Unchecked and unchallenged, his forces scour the land as a loosely affiliated band of mercenaries bowing to his every whim, and obtaining anything his heart desires.

He has numbered his top ranking loyalists in sequence of their strength and talents, they are as followed.

The Tenth - Shok'Fache, Orc Enhancement Shaman. (Deceased, Slain by the Druid Lyrao)
The Ninth - Veran, Forsaken Subtlety Rogue. (Deceased, slain by a Human Mage, the Druid Lyrao and the Warlock Alyrion)
The Eighth - Bulrina, Forsaken Arms Warrior. (Deceased, Slain by the banded companions of Darkshire)
The Seventh - Moknicorn, Tauren Balance Druid. (Deceased, Slain at the hands of a Night Elven Priest)
The Sixth - Norica, Forsaken Arcane Mage. (Deceased, slain by Garon Silverhand and the Warlock, Fayes)
The Fifth - Verren, Forsaken Fire Mage. (Deceased, Slain by Garon Silverhand, Alyrion and Thillas)
The Fourth - Rho'gal, Orc Combat Rogue. (Deceased, slain by Lyrao)

The Third - Natamoro, Troll Elemental Shaman. (Alive)
The Second - Aelyne, Tauren Protection Warrior. (Alive)
The First - Aaronierion, Human Shadow priest. (Soul was returned to body, no longer in servitude to Keheerathn)

Keheerathn has many other cutthroats and soldiers under his command, some are even as powerful as the Ten.
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FEENIX: Keheerathn's Blood-Band
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