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 FEENIX: Faction status

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PostSubject: FEENIX: Faction status   Fri Aug 10, 2012 11:18 pm

Due to the recent boldness of the Horde and attacks throughout the Eastern Kingdoms, champions and travellers alike of the Alliance have heeded the call of aid to places surrounding the Human Kingdom in an attempt to prevent further damage done to their homes, friends and families.


As the power struggles within the Horde itself break out between leadership; generals, captains and other individuals seeking power have formed bands of brigands and fighters of the Horde to serve under them as independent War Parties establishing their territories across Azeroth.
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Zyro Yuellas

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PostSubject: Keheerathn Rising   Sat Aug 11, 2012 10:48 pm

Keheerathn's iron-fisted grip on the Eastern Kingdoms has dissipated and only now does he withdraw.

However, despite the critical blows to Keheerathn, it is learned, however that he is leading a new circle of followers, this time consisting of trusted loyalists and truly deadly warriors capable of devastating thousands of heartless creatures single-handedly. This terrifying force is known only as The Organization. Its intentions are unknown at this moment, but whispers say that they are focused on several goals, once of which holding supreme priority.

Keheerathn is a threat to all mortal and immortal races of Azeroth. The two surviving bandits from Keheerathn's previous circle have agreed to an armistice with the Darkshire Resistance Movement.

Like Keheerathn's first circle, he has organized his followers according to their power and power, and assigned each a number to give name to their rank.
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FEENIX: Faction status
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