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 FEENIX: Joining and connecting!

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FEENIX: Joining and connecting! Empty
PostSubject: FEENIX: Joining and connecting!   FEENIX: Joining and connecting! I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 10, 2012 11:17 pm

Looking for more people to join Tyrone, myself and a many others in playing the World of Wacraft Private Server "Feenix". It is free to play and works on a Torrent, which you download along with a custom WoW client, then play. It's simple, easy and very enjoyable. The format of the Roleplay is character-based, there are no custom factions so you will need to do research in regards to groups and lore within the Warcraft Universe (WoWwiki is very beneficial for this), this means that it revolves around YOU, as you travel with companions (The other players) and find your place in the World, also a Biography is encouraged. Creating and playing multiple characters is also encouraged as it livens the diversity of the Roleplay, characters you create can scale and vary in importance and role.


https://www.wow-one.com/: Register here.

http://www.wowwiki.com/Roleplaying: Useful to know when RPing different races. Read at your leisure...preferably before RPing.

The instructions regarding the installation are found within the tab "Guides" -> "Vanilla", the guide is detailed and extensive, if you have difficulty with it, Tyrone and myself will be happy to assist.


Edit: 1.12 <--- When prompted, know this; we are playing on vanilla 1.12.

Al'Akir 1.12.1

Vanilla Wow Realm

Instant 60 | Blizzlike raiding | BWL/AQ40 Progression


Anyone is welcome to join, just pop into the RP at anytime. Below are the names of every character, add them to your friends list, party up... etc.

We hope to see you.. In Azeroth!!!!!
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FEENIX: Joining and connecting!
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