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 Strength and Unity!

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Zyro Yuellas
Zyro Yuellas

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Strength and Unity! Empty
PostSubject: Strength and Unity!   Strength and Unity! I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 24, 2012 11:28 pm

Taell’as United Hegemony

The Taell’as Government, Council of Most High, Emperor and Protector of the Praxis, Zyro Yuellas, cordially and peacefully extends an offer of membership of the United Hegemony, a single confederacy whose lands offer liberal travel to its members and where resources and technology flow freely. Led by the benevolent Taell’as Hierarchy, we venture to the horizon, where progression and advancement awaits. The Hegemony was formed to better facilitate the grounds of communication and travel between nations and best interests are at heart. Joining the noble Hegemony yields major positives and is a step forward for all members in regards to trade and globalisation. Membership is open to all, regardless of race, historical background or geographical position. It's not just an alliance, it is deserving of being known for what it truly is: a single nation.


Borders are open and travel is free to all civilians of each member, regardless of social or ethical background and or standing.

Each member is entitled to a representative -- recognised as a Prefect -- on the Taell’as Hierarchy Pedestal Council

The same Prefect has final say on internal matters that affect their nation state in particular. Higher administrations do not need to be reached.

Each member’s nation state‘s sovereign rights over private ownership of special, designated land are respected.

Each member’s nation state’s original territory prior to joining the Hegemony is considered as a province under eyes of the Taell’as Government.

Each province is sent a Taell’as Hierarchy representative -- a chosen Praetor; who has the power to veto decisions made by the Prefect that affect the Taell’as Hierarchy or United Hegemony.

Practices of worship; including names, icons or statues are permitted as long as it doesn’t challenge the Taell’as Hierarchy, Emperor, United Hegemony or the legitimacy of administration of any authoritative entities.

A symbol of strength, power and passion, red is the designated colour of the Taell’as-lead United Hegemony. Official Hegemony establishments must have this colour flown at all times. Province colours flown alongside are permitted.


When joining the Hegemony, your nation is no longer considered independent. Simply put, you are merging your people and lands with the collective of the other members of the Hegemony. The Taell'as Hierarchy is the governing body of these lands... however, you do not lose total control. The elected Prefect of each province is given a seat on the Pedestal Council, the civilian administration branch of the Hierarchy. As Prefect, your sole duty is the governance of your respective province, but you don't have power over other provinces, only your own. On the Pedestal Council, however, you are able to make public suggestions that affect the whole Hegemony. Each prefect is given a single vote. All members must agree to a vote to consider it officially effective.

Discussion is open and any queries are best handled by the Taell’as Ambassador.
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Strength and Unity!
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