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PostSubject: The Rallied Banner   The Rallied Banner I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 24, 2012 5:00 pm

[9th Leoul; 7th Term; 24th Morrow]
For almost an entire term, the Saraneae Federation has been quiet in the light of Terraineus, and has been turning their gaze to the east, with great promise. After the events that occurred within the Third Era, influence of the Ropden Flotilla lingered in their home lands to the mid-North east of Terraineus, it is there that the aquatic tribes still strived in fishing villages and camps. After an envoy was sent to the Flotilla waters, our ambassadors pleaded with the tribesmen, and eventually shared with them our dream and perspective, and how they could once more serve the realm, and their crimes to be forgiven.

As of the 7th term, 21st Morrow, The Federation accommodated the Flotilla's remaining forces under their banner, and gave them welcome to the city of Käeturg. The men and women of Ropden have pledged their allegiance to the Federation, and have bolstered the forces and productivity of the nation's strength, furthermore increasing Naval quantity and population.
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The Rallied Banner
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