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 The Fall of Belmont Castle - The Belmonts second chance.

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Dio Brando
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Master of Men (Women too)
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PostSubject: The Fall of Belmont Castle - The Belmonts second chance.   Sun Jul 22, 2012 9:48 pm

After collecting various salvageable documents and remnants of the once in construction Belmont castle, an official statement regarding the events that took place several days ago can now be made.

Fourteen Days ago: King Adrian Belmont made the decision to remove a vast amount of the castle so as to reduce the scale that the workers were expected to achieve (regarded as a near impossible task that would take several generations to complete). As such members of Terraneius were invited to assist in the removal of Falconia square within the castle. Unfortunately the factions seemed to have sent their most incompetent workers, with much of the square as well as the walls being blown up thanks to the efforts of a Republican demolitionist that screamed "That's a mighty fine carpet you have there mind if I bomb it?"(Citation Needed).

Thirteen Days ago: During the night, many of the people of Falconia noticed a large light beaming down from the sky that seemed to increase in size as time passed. Eventually it became quite clear what the light was as a violent roar filled the air and in mere seconds hell had come to the land. The people within the impact zone died Instantly, mostly those attempting the clean up after the Republic, as well as a vast majority of the nations military force located within the recently destroyed square. Surrounding areas were ravaged by violent earthquakes from the impact, with much of the nations agriculture destroyed, and nearby villages crumbling. King Adrian Belmont who was overseeing the clean up was believed to have perished in the fires and debris of the meteorite.

Twelve Days ago: Remnants of the Entei's civilians have hastily evacuated from the now forsaken land of Falconia into the adjacent lands of Hawken, Vultura and Griffith, Attempting to survive the best they can. A rescue operation was put in place by Humanitas Invidia of the Seven Abyss, to find and rescue survivors within the general area of the Impact. Only 20% of the prior population residing in Falconia is believed to have survived. Valkanhayn Nethersing of the Kings personal guard filled a report stating that he witnessed the King arise from beneath rubble coated in cyan flames.

Seven days ago: King Adrian Belmont appears before the Seven Abyss and tells them of his death and eventual resurrection by the Ho-An, as well as its message to persevere. He then goes on to gather the remnants of Falconia and move towards Griffith.

Five days ago: Plans to rebuild the Entei's main base of operations within Griffith have began to be put in place. Contact with Entians within Vultura and Hawken have been successfully been made.

Two days ago: Construction of a dock within Griffith has began to allow for trade and support from members of the Advent Alliance.

Present day: Falconia has been declared as a forbidden zone, with only those that receive direct permission from the King to enter. Entei priest have been deployed to find and secure the remains of The Mad King, along side miners and scientists to investigate the now named Raikou meteorite.

The Entei shall live on, no matter what seeks to bring us down.
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The Fall of Belmont Castle - The Belmonts second chance.
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