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 The quelling of the Ropden Rebellion

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The quelling of the Ropden Rebellion Empty
PostSubject: The quelling of the Ropden Rebellion   The quelling of the Ropden Rebellion I_icon_minitimeTue May 29, 2012 4:40 pm

At the dawn of the Third Era, concerns had arisen regarding a secluded faction in the north, which had promised cooperation in the Ratification Parley of Aequus, as little was known about their culture or traditions. After direct contact with the Federation, the Ropden Tribe began capturing trade vessels passing in the north, using their supplies to fuel a war-machine that had been in the making over several months, and exploiting the hospitality of their Northern neighbours to gain more resources unbeknownst to the Federation. The Ropden believed they could conquer Terraineus in one simple strike, being led by the Mad Prophet “Welza” that had the nation in complete zealotry to the cause of their horrific sea god. It wasn’t long before scouts of the Federation discovered their manipulation and thievery, as the Grand Commander was violently infuriated at the dishonour brought to the name of SkoRm, and had launched a relentless force composed of his military elite to eradicate the rebellion.

Intimidation was spread with haste across the North as the Black sails of Frieghild’s personal warship, the Basilisk, rose and shot terror into the eyes of all those who bore witness to the attack, it was not before long when the two Federation Galleon ships intercepted the Ropden fleet charging to the Basilisk, and swiftly destroyed all opposing naval resistance with ease. As the troops landed on the Hazy shores in the early hours of the morning, most of the Rebellion’s forces had been annihilated from the first wave of fire from the bay, to which those remaining loyal to the Prophet had retaliated and took down the Galleon “Jade Eye” with constant bombardment from their towers . The mobilized land force had successfully scaled the mossy walls and in a mist of bloodshed, stood victorious over the rebellious barbarians, the entire Federation fleet bore witness to the Mad Prophet burn and finally hang from his own keep. The Grand Commander ordered his men to salvage the remaining resources yielded from the slaughter as a token from those that stole from the Federation, before leading them back home and sending word to the other nations on Terraineus of their conquest.
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The quelling of the Ropden Rebellion
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