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 The Battle of Triparche

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PostSubject: The Battle of Triparche   Tue May 29, 2012 4:36 pm

At the turn of the Second Era, A splinter faction had risen in the Mountainous South, mysteriously named the “Entei Dynasty” which held traditions and culture to that of conflict and a twisted sense of honour. Upon contact with the Dynasty, they rejected the proposal of the Ratification Parley, blatantly insulting the ways of the proud nations signed to unification and immediately waged a vicious war against all on Terraineus after multiple thefts and open espionage, to which was responded to by both (At the time) the Republic of Arvo and the Taell’as Hierarchy with a swift joint-nation invasion force which ultimately crushed the violent ways of Entei. Commander Vuldir Frieghild led the battalion of Republic forces from the North into the bay just west of the Dynasties Fortress, whilst the Hierarchy’s force had zerged from the east to sweep through the towns and eliminate all resistance, the Republic Siege weaponry tore down the walls of the Fortress, revealing a vast opening in the enemy gate, from which troops of both battalions stormed the keep. It was Vuldir himself that plunged his blade into the Mad King Kixxo’s chest, for which he was awarded a commemorative promotion. All citizens that didn’t raise arms against the invasion were spared to live out their own destiny, but were warned that if there was to be another uprising, it would be silenced with ease. The remnants of the surviving Dynasty people formed the Union of Archaedus, a faction also in the south which had formally signed the Ratification parley and despite a lingering state of poverty, seek to make amends for the error of their ancestor’s ways.
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The Battle of Triparche
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