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 Construction of the Grand Crucible of Aequus

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Construction of the Grand Crucible of Aequus Empty
PostSubject: Construction of the Grand Crucible of Aequus   Construction of the Grand Crucible of Aequus I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 02, 2012 4:53 pm

Last week, a motion was suggested by the Lupus Monarchy, which was supported by the majority of factions and pushed forward primarily by the Confederacy and the Federation. Both factions contributed to the "Reconstruction" of the ancient Crucible of Aequus, a vast and deadly arena once used by our ancestors as a trial for knights and warriors alike, in which they would express the reaches of their tenacity in glorious combat, against the deadliest creatures tamed across Terraineus, and themselves alike... After a significant distribution of resources by the combined assistance of the Federation and Confederacy were put into the project, the crucible was complete, a shining gem at the heart of Aequus, re-establishing the awe inspiring glory and honour of our ancestors and living their ways with pride. The first official tournament was hosted by the High Magister Moertriktus, in which champions of the Confederacy and Taell'as Hierarchy fought side by side against long forgotten creatures, and eventually a surprise duel-round, in which the Hierarchy's champion stood victorious.

Further tournaments will officially be held at the crucible at future times, as all across the realm are free to participate, earning currency from the Aequus treasury, and the glory earned from the heat of combat.
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Construction of the Grand Crucible of Aequus
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