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Zyro Yuellas
Zyro Yuellas

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PostSubject: ROLEPLAY BIOGRAPHIES   ROLEPLAY BIOGRAPHIES I_icon_minitimeWed May 30, 2012 4:53 pm

^ Is a copy of the standard bio with explanations in each field.

Role: Leader of the Taell'as Hierarchy.
Full Name: Zyro Kevorus Yuellas
Name at birth: Zyronulanus Yuellas
Title(s): Patriarch of the Taell'as Hierarchy, Crown-Prince of the Grei, Ruler of Avalar.
Age/Date of Birth: Classified. His visage is quite mature, bordering on aging. Grei have relatively long life-spans in comparison to other peoples. Unofficial records date the Patriarch to nearly a century.
Sex: Male.
Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity: Heterosexual.
Race/Ethnicity: Grei.
Skin Tone: Healthy, dull gray. (Deal with it, Alakaine)
Height: 10 Punits - high average
Weight: (Emperors don't tell)
Build: Slender and defined.
Eyes: Neutral yet alert, complimented with a dark shade of vibrant violet.
Hair: None.
Clothes Style: Crimzon cloth, ceremonial robe-like, protected with golden, stylised plates. Typical of Hierarchs.
Religion: Beacons for the deluded - passion is your only strength.
Political Affiliation: Totalitarian.
Education: Literate, high class imperial education.
Languages spoken: Fluent High Avalar Imperial, Terraineus Common.
Weapons (if any): A long steel, decorated blade can be seen at some occasions; also can be used for practical use.
Occupation(s): Crowned Hierarch, head of the Avalar government and the Taell'as Hierarchy.
Past Occupation(s): Prior to his time on the throne, Yuellas acted as Praetor of the Taell'as empire and managed its civil and military matters. He occupied this role for at least three hundred lunar cycles, personally signing the Ratification Parley of Aequus on behalf of the Taell'as Empire.
Special Abilities/Skills: Highly disciplined with the use of Telepathy, frequently communicating across the world. Limited psychokinetic ability - is rarely used.
Activities/Organizations: The Taell'as Hierarchy of Avalar
Hobbies: Fencing - often to sharpen combat skills, meditation in the Palace courtyards to further magical abilities. Drinking herbal tea. Plotting.
Interests: Philosophy and economics... and more plotting.
Serious Problems/Flaws/Addictions/Disorders/Disabilities: Palace records are strictly off-limits. In every public encounter Zyro has ever made, he is seen in top condition.
Citizenship: The Empire of Avalar.
Place of Birth: Summer Forest, Avalar.
Now lives: Imperial Palace, Taersus City - Capital of Avalar.
Lives with: Cyni Narlas.
Relationship History: Xile Kaithnirn; wife - now deceased.
Family: Cyni Narlas; older sister - strained relationship. Xorn Taerlas; son - indifferent.
Other Biographical Remarks:
When Zyro Yuellas "arrived" on Terraineus, civilisation was already beginning to grow. Yuellas assumed control --of what is now Autumn Plains within Avalar—as Praetor. When first contact was made, Yuellas named the civilisation under the Taell’as Hierarchy – wealthy families who could support the development of the nation. At the first assembly of Aequus, he personally signed the Ratification Treaty of Aequus then officially designated the borders of the Taell’as Empire. Four regions were officially recognised; Greater Taell’as, West Taell’as, South-eastern islands and the north pine-forest. Yuellas spent most of his time battling the requests of the Hierarchs and the needs of the people, along with international affairs. All were handled with efficiency and speed and soon; he would gain the respect of Avalar and the favour of Hierarchy members. After the construction of the Royal Palace in the heart of Taersus City, Zyro Yuellas was officially crowned emperor.

After the initial arrival, Yuellas attended the Royal academy of Taersus City to study the culture, customs and history of Avalar. There, he met Xile Kaithnirn, who was also gifted with the ability of telepathy and in the spring of the same year, he courted her. Two years later, she died whilst giving birth to their only son - Xorn Taerlas. For the coming years, Yuellas was focused only on his duties as Praetor and neglected to father Xorn who eventially joined the Hierarchy's military. In the initial weeks of Emperor Yuellas' rule, only his sister Cyni, accepted his offer to live in the imperial palace. Xorn Taerlas continues to patrol Avalar's borders.

The Emperor is very ambitious and views every resource as expendable, so long it achieves his goals. Manipulation frequently happens behind the scenes in order to keep up appearances and it is safe to assume he dispatched legitimate leaders on his climb to the top of the Hierarchy. Yuellas is however, rarely openly aggressive, however he possesses an egocentric persona and believes everyone is below him, often referring them to "worms".


Name: Obvious
Age: Can be years or "cycles" or whatever, just give us a hint as to how old
Race: If human, apply things like (Caucasian, Latina, Asian, African etc.) if non-human, try making up a sub-race.
Skills: What are they good at, what aren't they good at, flaws, strengths
Role: If part of a squad or team, what do they generally do as part of that team?
Screenshot/apearance: The screenshot is not really necessary, but preferred.
Theme song(s): Again, only if you want to
Insignia, if applicable: If part of a certain army, or team
Current Location: Does not have to be wherever you are in the story
Biography: Try and give us some background. You can have it be an intel file, a tattered note, an interview, whatever. As long as we get something along the lines of where they came from and who they are, you're good.

Incognito wrote:
The greatest revelations will always turn out to be something you should already know.

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PostSubject: RP Bio of Alakaine Moertriktus (Alakaine in-game)   ROLEPLAY BIOGRAPHIES I_icon_minitimeWed May 30, 2012 7:48 pm

Role: Onyx Archon of the Saraneae Federation.
Full Name: Alakaine Korvus Moertriktus.
Name at birth: Rhael Moertriktus.
Title(s): The Onyx Archon, The Raven of Skjöldunga, Blood of the Strigoi.
Age/Date of Birth: No known existing records.
Sex: Male.
Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity: Bisexual
Race/Ethnicity: Niflheimr.
Skin Tone: Pale White.
Height: 5.3 Ft.
Weight: Questionable
Build: Slender, Light.
Eyes: Rarely seen yet weary, rumoured to be crimson red, naturally aqua.
Hair: Light brown, exceedingly long.
Clothes style: Flowing Onyx Robe with attached hood, concealing a heavy body plate.
Tattoos, Piercings, Marks, Scars, etc.: Harsh scar-like birthmark proceeding down left cheek bone, obscure left nostril piercing.
Religion: Agnostic, practices the culture of Nuingoliant.
Political Affiliation: Federation.
Education: Highly Literate, Extensively educated in all forms of mythological lore, Theology, Physics and Biology.
Languages spoken: Terraineus Common, Skjöldungan.
Weapons (If any): A ceremonial black bow, decorated in dark jewels and mastery with Magickal Prowess.
Occupation(s): Onyx Archon of the Saraneae Federation.
Past occupations: Arch-Magister of the SkoRm Federation, Seer of the Arvo Republic, Dark Warlock of the western black marshes.
Special Abilities/skills: Extremely disciplined in magickal arts, including pyro, cyro, tele and psycho kinetic abilities, as well as experienced marksmanship.
Activities/organizations: The Saraneae Federation, Order of Magi.
Hobbies: Consulting council within the Onyx temple, pacing about the Käeturg Courtyards, excessive reading, active study and practice to enhance magickal capabilities and knowledge.
Interests: Philosophy, Palaeontology, Lore, Mythology, Reading, Literature, Politics.
Serious Problems/Flaws/Addictions/Disorders/Disabilities: Easily lost in thought, conceals a suffering of chronic emotional stress, experiences painful visions due to mastery in scrying.
Citizenship: Noble of Skjöldunga.
Place of birth: Arctic far North-West, in the concealed ruins of R'leyh City.
Now lives: Raven Caste living quarters within the Onyx Temple
Lives with: N/A.
Relationship history: Touchy Subject.
Family: Königi Moertriktus; Second Older Half-brother - Distant, Rhaegun Moertriktus; First Older Half-Brother - Deceased, Nuerah Aertkaile; Mother - Died giving birth.
Other Biographical Remarks: Recent discoveries have given way to reveal Alakaine's heritage and traces of his family. The "Moertriktus" Lineage was a very ancient family that had ruled over tribes in the mysterious and undiscovered lands to the far North West for thousands of years, and had been known as vicious unmerciful necromancers of the harsh frozen lands of Niflheim. Meaning "Death upon the Mountain", The Moertriktus blood line were well named living upon their family's peak of heritage, and had been gifted with powerful yet dark Magickal abilities which gave way to the rumours of their necromantic capabilities. Alakaine's Father ruled over the icy lands as the self proclaimed "Lord of Bones", tyrannically dominating the minor tribes in their mountainous continent until he died in the horrific backfire of an attempted ritual, leaving his rulership vacant and giving the opportunity to his eldest sons to fight over. Alakaine was a bastard child, and had only been quite young at the time of his Father's death, thankfully his existence was not known to his family due to the vicious power struggle which resulted in the death of the Eldest of the brothers, Rhaegun, who fell to the taint of his brother's magick. Standing as one of the three last living Moertriktus's left (Including Alakaine's Step-Mother), the remaining brother Königi took up his father's throne and ruled over Niflheim with an iron fist as the new Lord of Bones.

Alakaine was taught of his heritage from his Mother's handmaiden, and was told that his rightful name from his Father was Rhael, yet it was his mother's wish to keep him away from the dark origins of his family. Soon he had to fend for his own, and eventually found passage to the south where he grew up in the marshes of West Terraineus, discovering his Magickal potential as he aged. In time he became a Witchdoctor for the local villagers and tribesmen of the West during the First Era, and an experienced warlock, to which he gained the attention of the early Arvo Republic. They recruited him as a Seer and introduced him to the practices of their holy sun God, although he displayed no faith to their religion, his role in the kingdom was pivotal as the most experienced magical/Magickal practitioner in the Republic. Over periods of time, there were many disagreements between Alakaine and one of the head members of the nation regarding execution of strategies and endeavours, which led to the faction falling apart by the turn of the Second Era. He proposed a new destiny to some of those he befriended in his years within the Republic and his loyalist acolytes then set sail to the far East across the Grand Ocean of Terraineus to forge the SkoRm Federation of Skjöldunga.

Upon settling into Skjöldunga, Alakaine quickly became familiar with his surroundings, and comfortable with his rank within the Federation. He also befriended the High Chancellor Taelus Arvanos upon the Chancellor's joining as a Rodentia Caste minister, as they had much in common regarding their interests in research and politics. Alakaine gained the respect and love of his subordinates with ease, with his astonishingly charming personality and his high regard of all fellow members of the Raven Caste. He spent many days studying in the Grand Library and earning a reputation for pacing through the Courtyards peacefully, his serene nature gave way to the other Magisters to further appreciate his presence. When time came that the Federation had to officially establish themselves as a cooperative member of the Ratification Parley of Aequus, the Rodentia Caste entrusted the Arch Magister to endeavour the task, to which he did so superbly, signing the treaty and assisting in the construction of the Federation's Embassy. Alakaine was named the official figure for international relations and diplomacy in the Federation, and hastily became a Voice of SkoRm within Skjöldunga.

After a hasty take-over of the Federation power along-side Taelus Arvanos, Alakaine named himself Onyx Archon, and now almost independently rules the entire nation.

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Prime Inquisitor Saenx
Prime Inquisitor Saenx

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PostSubject: Re: ROLEPLAY BIOGRAPHIES   ROLEPLAY BIOGRAPHIES I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 01, 2012 5:34 pm

Role: Prime Inquisitor Of The Archaen Confederacy
Full Name: Saenx Ryra Arctrektia
Name at birth: Does not wish to share
Title(s): Prime Inquisitor, Leader Of The Archaen Confederacy, Arch Dictator
Age/Date of Birth: Approximately 25 years old
Sex: Male
Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity: Heterosexual
Race/Ethnicity: Arderean
Skin Tone: Unknown
Height: 5.6 M.
Weight: Does not wish to share
Build: Armour protects the body.
Eyes: Dark Purple
Hair: Black
Clothes style: Integrated Armour
Religion: None, Religion is deluded and a misconception of reality.
Political Affiliation: Autocratic/Totalitarian
Education: High Universities of Ardereon, Education is Physics, Biology, Evolutionary Biology, Zoology, Architecture and Philosophy
Languages spoken: Arderian, English, Terraineus Common
Weapons (If any): A Sword, that has been carried since the birth of Saenx
Occupation(s): Prime Inquisitor and founder of the Archaen Confederacy
Past occupations: Member of the collaborative Republic of Arvo
Special Abilities/skills: Highly Assertive along with architecture.
Activities/organizations: Oppression of the Villagers of Arvo
Hobbies: Being a Autocratic Leader
Interests: Philosophy, History and Design
Serious Problems/Flaws/Addictions/Disorders/Disabilities: Highly intolerant of values seeming inept.Citizenship: Proudly a member of Terraineus under the Ratification.
Place of birth: Now Ardereon
Now lives: Ardereon in the Founded Confederacy's Citadel.
Lives with: Jethrow the 3rd
Relationship history: Was very close with the Federation but a schism occurred.
Family: Does not wish to share

The birthplace of Saenx was not known, and was believed to be born in Ardereon. Also the Inquisitor mentions that his family life is something that he does not wish to share, the reason for this is a very pensive predicament. Records indicate that Saenx had 3 Brothers, although when questioned about this, people began to die.

Saenx was educated by The highest universities of Ardereon which were help at high regard, this is where Scoaer obtained his architecture degree.

The ideology and philosophy of Saenx, is highly demonstrable. Saenx Detests religion, the fundamentalist religions of terraineus. The Confederacy is Atheistic and do not believe in any deities. The Sciences of the Confederacy have allowed a much more comprehensible and understood view of the natural world.

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Zyro Yuellas
Zyro Yuellas

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PostSubject: Ki-an Richter Krieghund's Bio   ROLEPLAY BIOGRAPHIES I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 01, 2012 9:02 pm


Role: Leader of the Entei Dynasty
Full Name: Ki-an Richter Krieghund
Name at birth: Richter Krieghund
Title: Ki-an
Age/Date of birth: 178th of the 120th (Entei Calander)
Sex: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Race/Ethnicity: Entian
Skin Tone: Light earth tone
Height: 5.10 rias
Weight: N/A
Build: Average (by entei standards)
Eyes: Golden
Hair: Orange in colour, position varies depending on what side he woke up on
Clothes Style: Grey shirt with blue pants and googles made by the craftiest entians
Religion: No name - worships the rainbow bird the Ho-an
Education: Only what is required to survive.
Languages Spoken: Terranius Common and Entian
Weapons: Standard Swords and bows
Occupation: Leader of my people
Past ocupation: Formally the Sho-an son of the Ki-an (untill I succeded leadership)
Special Abilities/Skills: capable of communication over long distances, a trait of the Krieghund family
Activites/Organizations: The Entei creature managment program
Hobbies: Collecting creatures for the program
Interests: The capabilities of water and Architecture
Serious Problems/Flaws: Stress and Narcisms
Citizenship: Entei
Place of Birth: Krieghund castle, Entei
Now lives: The Entei Dynastys fort within Terraineus
Lives with: Fellow Entei on there quest to expand Entei
Relationship History: N/A
Family: Simon Krieghund - Father (deceased) Sonia Krieghund -Mother

Other Biographical Remarks: When we arived on Terraineus our one objective was to claim land for our people, due to the diminishing resources in our home country. We may be simple people with no desire to seek great riches or spectacular technology, but it is this simplicity that has led to some of our greatest ideas. Now I, their leader shall guide forth my men and women to claim what we so desperatly need, by any means neccesary.

Incognito wrote:
The greatest revelations will always turn out to be something you should already know.

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Dio Brando
Master of Men (Women too)
Master of Men (Women too)
Dio Brando

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PostSubject: Re: ROLEPLAY BIOGRAPHIES   ROLEPLAY BIOGRAPHIES I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 12, 2012 7:53 pm

Role: Leader of the new Belmont Dynasty
Full Name: King - Dr Adrian Belmont
Name at birth: Adrian Belmont
Title: King, Doctor
Age/Date of birth: 177th of the 120th (Entei Calander)
Sex: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Race/Ethnicity: Entian
Skin Tone: Light earth tone
Height: 5.12 rias
Weight: N/A
Build: Average (by Entei standards)
Eyes: Dark Red
Hair: Dark Blue
Clothes Style: A light cyan variation of the Mad Kings clothing during the Dynasty Incident (The holy clothes of Entei)
Religion: Worships the Ho-an
Education: High Level Entei university, Equivalent of a PhD in Architecture
Languages Spoken: Terranius Common and Entian
Weapons: A sword crafted of Cyanus.
Occupation: Architect and Leader of a nation
Past ocupation: Belmont bloodline holder. The branch family of the Kreighund. Successors to the throne.
Special Abilities/Skills: N/A
Activites/Organizations: Entei Marine Architecture Society
Hobbies: Designing buildings.
Interests: The capabilities of water and Architecture ( Shared with the fallen one)
Serious Problems/Flaws: Tendency to show disinterest, or rather in ability to act upon grand ideas
Citizenship: Entei
Place of Birth: Belmont castle, Entei
Now lives: The Entei Dynastys fort within Terraineus
Lives with: Fellow Entei on there quest to reform the now broken former Entei Dynasty
Relationship History: Lucia Belmont (Wife), a first born son was conceived between the two, but was sacrificed in the name of the Emperor to restore my peoples place within the Treaty.
Family: Trevor Belmont - Father (deceased) Elisabeth Krieghund -Mother

Other Information: I was sitting reading the monthly paper in Castle Belmont when I read of the once great ones evil acts upon Terraineus, and his swift downfall. I knew this day would come when he would fall and I would ascend to the throne. I was going to succeed where he failed, were he used childish means of war, I would succeed without a single drop of blood being shed. My men would break there backs and split their lungs trying to build a respectable and valorous nation. HE may have failed. HE may have fallen. HE may have ruined the perspective of our once proud nation. But we like the Ho-An never stay down. We shall build cities in a day for the sake of Entei, We shall turn our hands to steel in the name of the Entei, We would move mountains for the will of the Entei and we would traverse time space and existence just to return to our former glory.
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PostSubject: Welza Loxodrome   ROLEPLAY BIOGRAPHIES I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 15, 2012 2:58 am


Role: Leader of the Ropden Flotilla.
Full Name: Welza Loxodrome.
Name at Birth: Whelzia Loxodromus.
Title(s): The Mad Prophet of the North.
Age/Date of Birth: No understandable records, estimate at elderly.
Sex: Male.
Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity: Unknown.
Race/Ethnicity: Loxodromus.
Skin Tone: Dull Grey.
Height: 5.5 ft.
Weight: Unknown.
Build: Sickly, possibly diseased.
Eyes: Jade.
Hair: Coarse and lengthy, dull white.
Clothes Style: Ragged and torn robes, covered entire body.
Religion: Worshipped the horrific Sea-God, Naj'entus, as was custom of the Ropden.
Education: Scarce, taught only his nation's history and ways.
Languages Spoken: Kòraal, Poor grasp of Terraineus Common.
Weapons: A large pike/staff, decorated in sea plantation.
Occupation: Leader of the once powerful Ropden Flotilla.
Past Occupation: Unknown.
Special Abilities/Skills: Unfathomably powerful hydromancer, telekinesis.
Activities/Organizations: The Ropden Flotilla, Grasp of the Nine Seas.
Hobbies: Actively sacrificed in the name of Naj'entus.
Interests: Mythology, Marine Biology/Zoology.
Serious Problems/Flaws/Addictions/Disorders/Disabilities: Medical insanity, violent tendency to physically lash out at subordinates, deep sadism.
Citizenship: Ropden.
Place of Birth: Ancient Water Tribes of the North-east.
Now lives: Deceased.
Lived with: Zealot myrmidons/guardians.
Family: Unknown.
Other Biographical remarks: Welza Loxodrome was infamous for his unbelievable control of water through magic, and was said to have been driven to insanity due to secrets discovered of the lurking depths. Before the events of the Ropden Rebellion, he was feared by his allies and people alike, remorselessly sacrificing his peasants to "Appease" his God and occasionally killing a subordinate for shear enjoyment.

Rumours are spread that in his final moments, the Mad Prophet didn't even retaliate to the invaders, gloomily walking into a fire before dying from the fall of the Ropden Keep Tower. It was known that had he defended himself, no force could stop him, as he was fabled to be one of the greatest potential threats to ever walk upon Terraineus as a monstrously powerful sorcerer of dark hydromancy.

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