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Tucked into the rough savannah of eastern continental territories, rests the open dusty valley of Jaratch. Though hot and harsh, the climate still permits cultivation, and as such is pursued in it's abundance within the village and it's territory. A contributor to resource-heavy projects and a motivator to use the advantage, the village elders herd a warrior's society and cull most that is deemed unimportant or not of religious value.

Nomadic warrior-shepards, the Mulakese have long lived on ways of sow and small skirmish for their yields, though since the not long ago days of which their people broke old tradition to imbide the meat of bovine as a delicacy, many changes have encumbered the previously territorial folk, turning their minds to new and exciting ideas, those made of stone and rock, shape and strength.

Mulakese shaman bless the walkways, wives weave dire red banners for their kin as a new identity moulds these people. The religious leaders of the culture share military station aswell, making command a "divine destiny", of which these "chiefs" are calling the days to come "the era of prosperity", a promising world awaits in the wake of such revelation. The prime of the village, Jaratch-Cabal, as the moniker stands for their ways, inspires the people to turn to their horticulture, and a community effort is taken by the small settlement to pull plough and "pay their share" to the endeavour of crop and pen.

The Mulakese are a people of strict religious standard, all practice and unquestionably submit to the will of the 'ascension', a monothiestic outlook in that the sky birthed all things, and from it all things shall return to repair the sentience of the male creator, a mysterious yet much awaited figure who slumbered to create the sky, and all life as a result. Through their actions they seek to "wake him", and construct holy "obelisks" of stone and earthly material from which to reach out into the sky to stab out for the same aforementioned goal.

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