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 Second Era

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Zyro Yuellas
Zyro Yuellas

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PostSubject: Second Era   Sat Jul 04, 2015 4:47 pm

In the less militarised areas of space, interactions between the three warring factions are less driven by their zealous, otherwise distracted high commands, opening up windows for unconventional interracial gestures. To that end, some individuals are more influential in these territories than their front-line admirals.

Hierophant Rekkul-naza

Age: 516 vasari years, 1468.4 human years
Race: Vasari
Allegiance: Vasari Loyalist Exodus Fleet
Role: Acting Command Master of the Ej Sector Mining Fleet
Flagship: Flagship Veksul, Jarrasul Class Evacuator
Hit: Enemy casualties
Miss: Incompetent troops
Misc.: Hierophant Rekkul-naza's leadership is technically a forgotten ceremonial role; he understands the circumstances facing the Exodus Fleet and uses his special position as an assurance to solidly legitimize his "divine" guidance. Though he's a Loyalist, he'd rather not lose favour with the Separatist Exodus Fleet, being a Vasarist. He won't go bombing Advent or TEC factions that have relations with the Rebels for no reason. He overestimates the capabilities of his subordinates and intentionally makes mistakes to evaluate certain human commanders in his costly investigation deeming the worth of his people's current obstacle and perhaps potential ally.

Incognito wrote:
The greatest revelations will always turn out to be something you should already know.
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PostSubject: Awh Jhessi   Sat Jul 04, 2015 6:04 pm

Alkaren, the Prophet

Age: 316 Human Years.
Race: Human, Psintegrat and Cybernetic Alterations.
Allegiance: Advent Rebellion, Crusade Fleet.
Role: Radical Evangelist and Commander of the Rebellion's Eastern-Most 'Cleanse'.
Flagship: 'Repentance', Rapture Class Battlecruiser.
Hit: Fanaticism.
Miss: Sacrilege.
Misc.: Alkaren, Moertra, Nufai, these are few of the names attributed to the scandalous if not violently religious figurehead that has become a literal offensive arm and asset within the Rebellion's efforts against their presumably corrupted kin. Callous, unrelenting and persistent, the only seemingly respectable trait of such a man is his ability to bring others to be convinced of his 'holy' crusade. This also happens to be a grand fault in the 'Prophets' arsenal, whilst hostile and headstrong with his adversaries, it is the mere focus on his enemies, the Advent Loyalists that prevents this 'being' from unleashing his fanaticism on Trade Coalition and Vasari outposts alike, but like all totalitarians, he is easily stirred from his docility...
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Second Era
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