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 The Union Technology

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PostSubject: The Union Technology   The Union Technology I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 07, 2014 3:50 am

The Union Technology
The following information is gathered from the Union Engineer that we had captured on Meu 37, 13 NCSY. We had captured an engineer and took it back to study on; the following information is based on what we have so far uncovered.
The first tech of Union ground technology is rarely seen on the battlefield, where we use Tech 1, they use Tech 2. They can build the following units:

Tech 1:
The Union Engineer is an amphibious construction unit that can repair, capture and reclaim others units.
Silhouette: The Silhouette is the Union land scout, it is fast, and has little armour, armed with a light gun and a sensor, it can over across water and acts as a radar.
Asator: The Asator is a Light Tank, light armour, used to provide direct-fire support against low-end units.
Bandit: The Bandit is an armoured hover tank, although it is armed with the single cannon; they are extremely dangerous when in a group.
Barrager: The Barrager is a mobile anti-air rocket launcher; it can also act as a mobile artillery vehicle by firing rockets in an arc.
Assassin: The Assassin is a new type of unit that we’ve never encountered before. It carries a long range cannon that can destroy almost any lower tier unit with a direct hit. It is ideal for ambushes as it is extremely inaccurate when moving.
We have also been studying their Air forces. The following units are from the Union Tech 1 Air Factory:
Tech 1:
Peeping Tom: Standard Air Scout, light armoured, fast.
Falcon: The Falcon is an anti-air fighter, useful for intercepting low-end tier units.
Phoenix: The Phoenix is a low-end bomber, equipped with 4 air-to-ground rocket launchers.
Titmouse:  A low-end gunship designed to take out ground targets. It also has the capability to pinpoint targets for artillery.
Diligence: The Diligence is an unarmed, small capacity transport. Carries land units through the air.
I had also insisted on looking at the naval capabilities for the Union, here are the units of the Tech 1 Naval force:
Tech 1:
Buccaneer Class: The Buccaneer Class is a low-end sub that has torpedo launchers, a sonar and room to carries troops under the water.
Lance Class: The Lance Class Frigate is a low-end naval unit, equipped with a single fast firing cannon and an anti-air missile launcher.
This is all the information that can be released at this point in time, I am in need of people who can help me capture Tech 2 and 3 Union Engineers and transport them to the research outpost “White Fire”, the more we know, the easier it can be to defeat the Union.
Signed: Raul Suddenius
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The Union Technology
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