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 The Union: Rubox Empire

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The Union: Rubox Empire Empty
PostSubject: The Union: Rubox Empire   The Union: Rubox Empire I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 04, 2014 3:50 am

The flagship attribute of the Rubox Empire is the fact that it spans literally one third of existence. They occupy every planet in every galaxy within their borders.

They are among the first lifeforms to exist. They don't age, they don't have genders, they don't have eyelids -- okay maybe they do. Their physical appearance is akin to a rhinoceros merged with a beetle-spider-minotaur. They have a general humanoid shape, though their curvature can vary from slim and sinister to landwhale-brute-octopus. They have evolved to possess astounding powers like psychokinesis and telepathy. They don't speak a language, but prefer to use an extremely complex system of facial expressions and shrugs. They all wear dresses. They have four fingers, no thumbs. Only the Emperor has thumbs. Their skin colour is usually a disgusting shade of yellow, but it changes depending on their mood -- like a fucking chameleon. Fun fact; their imperial insignia is based off the general shape of their faces -- their horns extend from the top of their heads and curve out and into, forming a banana, to point to the end of their solid-trunk-like mouth entrance thing. We don't know what they use that mouth for. Probably fella-- wait, nevermind. Reminder: they're genderless. ;_;

Unlike the I'ade Space Gates, or cliched warp drives, their ships simply fly fucking fast. Their handbags can also open portals into empty dimensions for storage. They have a defence mechanism called the "Coit Tower", which aims by rotating their capital planet, Ri, at a target planet, then it somehow fucking moves it wherever they want. To win wars, they just throw enemy planets into suns, black holes, plasma storms -- or wherever they like, depending on their mood. They have a sick sense of humour.

The most alarming asset the Rubox Empire has, comes in the form of 'Crafters' -- individuals who can re-arrange existence in any way they imagine. The rule is that they can only do so in their own space, for some reason. No-one knows why.

Their Emperor is ten pentrillioniga years old, but behaves like a ten year-old. His name is Zorak. He's a crafter. And if that isn't OP enough, he changes into a not-even-his-final-form form, if he is angered. For some odd reason, he's best buddies with their empire's direct rival country's leader. Go figure.

Also, their capital planet is actually a giant shell-prison housing an eldritch abomination called Leviathan. I am not making this shit up.

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The Union: Rubox Empire
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