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 The Anti-Union Annihilation Army

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Zyro Yuellas
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The Anti-Union Annihilation Army Empty
PostSubject: The Anti-Union Annihilation Army   The Anti-Union Annihilation Army I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 04, 2014 3:25 am

The purpose of this secret organisation is the destruction of, and defence against the Union, a joint alliance between the Rubox Empire and the Slang Empire. Because of the nature of implications, the existence of and activities of the Coalition for the Mutual Defence and Security of Existence, (Coalition for short) must be kept secret. We, the AAA are the military body of the Coalition, both the first and last line of defence of reality itself. Brace yourselves for the shitstorm. Only the best of the best may be recruited.

The two leaders of the Anti-Union Annihilation Army are Saenx RaffaenStein and Zyro Yuellas, both respected individuals of the CIS. Being the ones with the most experience in dealing with the Union, their word is law. Gods have no say here.

The actual military strength of the Annihilation Army is laughable. Assets are still in the process of being obtained, as the nature of secret organisations tends to slow things down, especially when operating with a large amount of valuable material. Agents across the galaxy have agreed to work with a syndicate that acts between the Coalition and world. Activities against the Union are kept to a minimum until we are operating at acceptable capacities, and we're still a long way off.

Whether you're in a sleeper cell or an active military cell, you must keep a down-low on everything regarding the Union. It's a military secret, and we'd like to keep it that way. Until things heat up, you will receive instructions directly from Saenx or Zyro. Until then, chill.

Incognito wrote:
The greatest revelations will always turn out to be something you should already know.
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The Anti-Union Annihilation Army
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