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 Azerothian Chronicles: Character Bios

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Zyro Yuellas
Zyro Yuellas

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PostSubject: Azerothian Chronicles: Character Bios   Azerothian Chronicles: Character Bios I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 15, 2013 6:58 pm

You know the fucking deal. Bios for the current chronicle of the Azerothian Chronicles.

Thus spoke the real Yuellas

Lyrao Nh'tareehek as "The Seer of Chance" - The Ego
"Do the songs lie? His beard is not crazy. Look. A beard. Not crazy."

Azerothian Chronicles: Character Bios Lyraor10


    Order of Kadgar Veteran
    Long time friend and veteran of the Old War, Lyrao is a borderline-bizarre seer with absolutely no common sense or genuine social skills. In the past, Lyrao was a cold hearted and impulsive witch, but is far more tempered, thanks to the ultimate triumph of the Resistance, her friends. She is the source of and current 'prison' of Keheerathn. Her dagger moves quickly and suddenly, but she's a mediocre spell-caster when her semi-astonishing healing powers are ignored completely and irrevocably.
    Hit: Rainy days
    Miss: Early mornings

Sauve as "The Noble Noble" - The Super Ego
"It's never enough"

Azerothian Chronicles: Character Bios Sauver10


    Order of Kadgar Elder
    A noble warrior and refined analyst. He carries good traditions and morals that make fundamentally good people, he is qualmless about sharing his ideals and advice. In the past, he served as a field leader and lieutenant of the Stormwind Underground during Rokai's reign.He is nearly unbeatable as a duelist and he has the spacial awareness of a hardened general. He is a perfectionist.
    Miss: Unmouldable minds

Bartleby as "The Spirit of K" - The Id

Azerothian Chronicles: Character Bios Bartle10


    Order of Kadgar Elder
    An unkempt man with an abrasive personality, yet a highly capable tactician and strategist. He has a unique sense of good, evil, right and wrong that focuses on the fundamental reasoning of nature, and that of THE TRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTH (for this reason, Bartleby and Sauve get along). In the past, Bartleby served as Supreme Commander of the Zelevas Imperial Army. Today, he's far beyond his lifespan and believes that if the young-in's aren't flippin' over wagons and hijacking caravans, they are wasting their lives. THEY SHOULD BE LIVING TO THE FULLEST AND SOMETHING ABOUT THE TRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTH. Yes, that hair is probably fake.
    Hit: Kaicke
    Miss: Lyrao

Incognito, "The Observer" - The Psyche of the World
"Do everything I say, and they won't kick you."

Azerothian Chronicles: Character Bios Yep10


    A mysterious woman with a stupid sense of humour. Her existence is debatable. She's the really crappy spy (my fault, not the character).
    Hit: Lunaeries' metagaming
    Miss: Visibility

Raithe as "The Wunderkind" - The Repressed
"Hm? This crate of blades behind me? I saw it first. Ask Keheerathn. It's mine."

Azerothian Chronicles: Character Bios Raithe11


    Order of Kadgar Member
    The mercurial inventor. Unlike her imaginary arch-nemesis Yuellas, Raithe actually makes an effort when building and tinkering, and takes great pride in the super-hydro-multi-layered-magistruct-bio-superclocked-interface device, version sixteen point oh two, used to finally give M3kLron the ability to use above-mediocre logic in solving problems and answering questions. Her actions could be described as hyperactive, but that's an extreme understatement. Tied with Bartleby on the HOWLOUDCANYOUGET award. Currently, she's an engineer for the Order of Kadgar.
    Hit: Getting it
    Miss: Not getting it

Incognito wrote:
The greatest revelations will always turn out to be something you should already know.

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PostSubject: What?   Azerothian Chronicles: Character Bios I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 16, 2013 5:29 pm

Garlta Khaj'kik "The Stutterer"
"W-w-what's the m-matter Lyrao? S-something got you d-d-d-own?"

Azerothian Chronicles: Character Bios Garlta10


Order of Kadgar Initiate

  • Bright new initiate to the Order of Kadgar, Garlta is a pathetically spoken young orc woman with a heart as big as her speech impediment. Hailing from the extremely fun and exciting dust-city of Orgrimmar, she set out to discover a purpose in life and to possibly aid those in need whenever she can.
    Alongside a natural affinity of magic (With plenty left to be desired), this young mage absolutely adores wildlife and flora, imploring a talented use of herbalism and Alchemy.
    Hit: Cute fluffy animals.
    Miss Alcohol.

Alyrion Tek'thelran "The Cranky Old Teacher"
"Oh do at least say something Mekelron dear, just standing there will make you seem more worthless."

Azerothian Chronicles: Character Bios Wowscr10


Order of Kadgar Elder

  • Decorated Resistance hero, and one of the four current elders of the prestigious Order of Kadgar, Alyrion is far from her self in old age. Easily irritated and confused, she tries her best to still be of use to the younger generation, despite clearly being mentally strained and exhausted from decades of fighting. She still manages to fill a "Grandmother" role for the Order, usually intimidating the other elders with her snappy attitude.
    Despite her lack of mental fortitude that she once possessed in youth, Alyrion still commands a powerful armada of magical fineness and understanding of the arts.
    Hit: Peace.
    Miss: Her children.

Jaultun Greyfang "The Perverted Chef"
"The Queen is coming! The Queen is coming! LOOK!"

Azerothian Chronicles: Character Bios Wowscr14


Order of Kadgar Veteran

  • Being a late comer of the Resistance, Jaultun has only ever brought two things to the table, his mediocre cooking, and his downright retarded ability to remember things. Acting as chief morale officer for the Order of Kadgar, one might have viewed him as the librarian, or keeper of archives within the tower, of course before his memory began to grow sour on him, leaving Lyrao to the job.
    The only battles this orc wins are with a quill or a spatula, otherwise, he might as well just lay down and pretend to be dead.
    Hit: Vaimme.
    Miss: Rainy weather.

Thobias "The Just"
"That glisten you see in a man's eye when he cries, that ain't tears, it's Destiny!"

Azerothian Chronicles: Character Bios Wowscr12


  • Overly explosive, impulsive and chivalrous, Thobias is a man that believes in one thing about all else, Destiny. Considered to just be the shady drunkard of theramore, this young private from the Stormwind military is harder to decipher than Keheerathn's Nut-sack.
    Talented with a greatsword and quick on his feet, the lad can hold himself in more than just a few pub brawls.
    Hit: Ale.
    Miss Self-righteous pansies from the Order of Kadgar.

Vaimme Falleria "The Queen"
"Let us pray that peace finally lasts."

Azerothian Chronicles: Character Bios Wowscr13


  • Resistance Veteran, shy orphan, proclaimed regent Queen of the Kingdom of Stormwind. Vaimme has seen much in her life, and now above all else desires peace from the kingdoms of Azeroth. With a silver tongue and an innocent charm, the Queen has managed peace for half a decade from the vicious onslaught of the supremacist Thalassian Empire.
    Hit: Children.
    Miss: Purple-robed figures.
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Azerothian Chronicles: Character Bios
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