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 Whisper's Notes

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PostSubject: Whisper's Notes   Whisper's Notes I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 08, 2013 7:44 pm

An entity composed of two components. It processes life-forms via direct contact or interface, then it outputs it to a host organism of comparable mass. The result is a direct copy of the subject's mind -- memories, powers and abilities.
Quote :
of comparable mass
Aforementioned is an assumption: the conditions of the Elevens are unknown.

The Lens
Looks like a gem/rock. It's the staff that Raithe is holding in the pic of the bios page.

The Eve
Looks like a belt. It's the belt Rokai was wearing during the entirety of the Phoenix Chronicles. It's in the 'art' for that same chapter.

The Womb of Rejuvenation
>is the place the Elevens was first discovered. It manufactures the elusive things, but can also repair them. It was destroyed in the Battle of Feralas.

The Original "First" Organization
Keheerathn's Blood Band in the Phoenix Chronicles. This group was used as a tool to obtain necessary materials and to field test the Elevens. Was completely destroyed in the battle for the Womb of Rejuvenation in Feralas. There are a few survivors.

The Second Organization
The new Organization working in the background of the Azerothian Chronicles. Their goals are somewhat murky, but its scope is worldwide.

The Organization all wear very special uniforms. They are known as 'Organization cloaks'. Nothing more.
The Elevens Project, and both Organizations wore them to protect from the Elevens' energy and effects.

The Well of Ordeal
Is a seemingly incorporeal realm that exists in Lyrao's mind. It is physical place that can be visited if conditions are met; direct physical contact with Lyrao, and constant concentration on her behalf.
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Whisper's Notes
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