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 Glory to the States of the Serkan Triumvirate

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Zyro Yuellas
Zyro Yuellas

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Glory to the States of the Serkan Triumvirate Empty
PostSubject: Glory to the States of the Serkan Triumvirate   Glory to the States of the Serkan Triumvirate I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 25, 2013 8:58 am

Glory to the States of the Serkan Triumvirate 14y8lqt

The Serkan Triumvirate is a galactic conglomerate comprised of the Serkan Confederacy, Dregonian League, Talgoran Empire and the Glebg'ygeddyn Regency. Its unified command structure overrides that of any one member nation-state thereby attaching a name to the collective Serkan Juggernaut. It does not interfere with diplomacy or nation relations with each other or other non-Triumvirate civilizations. It is the strongest identifiable superpower in the Eresk Arm of the Solarysi Galaxy, which it occupies approximately 0.00002% of. There are almost no cases of interest with space beyond its neighbours. Its spokespeople like to assure the public that its bodies are absolutely self-sustainable.

Glory to the States of the Serkan Triumvirate Fricon10

The Confederacy of Independent States, also known as the Serkan Confederacy, is an ancient coalition that was formed as a result of Talgora's unification, and still stands to this day, as a seated member of the Serkan Triumvirate. It is a relatively technologically advanced society divided into Confederate States headed by the Supreme Senate, and its technology is based directly off I'ade artefacts, resulting in pathetic innovative science. It has never been defeated militarily.
The distinguishing feature of the C.I.S. is its strict division imposed on citizens under separate jurisdictions that refer to specialised bureaus. The Harmony, Hostility and Ethereal castes have their own responsibilities and defer to their bodily bureaus to carry out functions, however due to this segregation of specialisation, a sense of impeding bureaucracy reveals itself as certain castes must rely on the other castes, as some obligations fall under jurisdiction not under their control. The best example is the Hostility Security Bureau: its personnel recruitment program of which falls to the Ethereal Bureau of Offices, in extension, the Harmony Bureau of Industry must rely on the Hostility Security Bureau to defend its infrastructure, as the Harmony Caste has no place in the duty of self-defence itself. What makes this system jarring is that the three castes have no intermingling legal responsibilities. A caste is not required to legally assist another caste. The only thing keeping this archaic system in place are the favours that the castes carrot-and-stick each other with. The situation gets more convoluted on the confederate state level. Military confrontations between confederate states are common and perfectly legal. The C.I.S. is on the verge of collapse daily. If it doesn't fall apart, it's just another day in the office.

Glory to the States of the Serkan Triumvirate Wm1kyc

The Dregonian League is the most trusted ally the Confederacy have ever enlisted pre-Triumvirate. Their society is constructed around great philosophies in emotional expression and compassion, albeit with strange traditions and taboos. Even though it is the most morally sensitive culture yet to be encountered, it has some of the best scientific minds and research facilities, its biotechnological pursuits are without real rivals, excluding the C.I.S.'s Leading Sciences Commission's branch Q.W.A.T. Industries. Despite being strict with what to say, do or the mannerism of both, most Dregonians are so emotionally developed that they are supremely considerate of less refined cultures. The Dregonian League has a Triumvirate seat. They look like kangaroos. Seriously. Dregonians are considered the greater of minorities and have allied themselves with the Triumvirate as the result of no alternatives: a smart on-the-spot decision of the Dregonian Leadership - they know that in order to survive, they must maintain good relations with "civil" barbarians.

Glory to the States of the Serkan Triumvirate 1r3fwi

The Talgoran Empire is a recently formed faction, the handiwork of Grand Councilor Taldön's schemes, resulting in the Schism of 3603.8 [citation needed].  It is an attempt to purge impurities of the Serkan people, starting with the Confederacy. Before the civil war was complete, a Rubox ship lolled about, and freaked the shit out of everyone. A quick alliance was secured and careful negotiations were enforced. A Ryyhargon crusade pushed out of the Ozen Frontier, prompting the formation of the Serkan Triumvirate, which ensured a fair table of discussion between major factions of serkan-controlled space.

Glory to the States of the Serkan Triumvirate 2cmqfch

The Glebg'ygedden Regency is a nation consisting of the separatist states to secede from the Ryyhargon Unions And Nations resulting in the same schism that also gave birth to the New Ryyhargon Kingdom. The details of the meeting prior to its declaration of joining the Serkan Triumvirate are kept secret by its members. In reality, the Regency is a puppet state loyal to the CIS, the arrangements were made and are maintained by an influential syndicate group known only as the Organisation.

Glory to the States of the Serkan Triumvirate 2dtsw42

The New Ryyhargon Kingdom is the nexus of everything the Serkan Triumvirate hates. A nuisance cloaked in the flag of a nation, the New Ryyhargon Kingdom is a hegemony with a backwards culture, notorious for its slave trade and mistreatment of other species within its populace. Despite the brutal beatings endured through three devastating wars, the Ryyhargon never truly seem to be permanently damaged. Their agents, Constriders and Gkanerides slither and weave their way into countless civilizations and agencies, masters of infiltration backed by a purely defensive military doctrine. They're like a rock, merged with a lobster that mated with a cockroach. Their infamous thought-process is always of questionable nature, although the Serkan Triumvirate has already declared every one of its citizens and military leaders to be clinically insane. Even their insignia looks out of place and screws anyone with OCD browsing this thread. Filthy Ryyhargon scum.

Glory to the States of the Serkan Triumvirate Ebd0th

The Delnari Union is a federation of trading corporations that flared up from rotten ruins of the long-defunct Nefgar Empire. They're currently engaged in a slowly building military conflict with the Serkan Triumvirate, using units from the old Serkan Confederacy Armada. They're in league with the New Ryyhargon Kingdom and their real motive for starting the current war is unknown. In the hopes of creating a real government in its particular region of space which held no legal governing body after it was reduced to ash, the Delnari Central Committee sought to establish strong trade relations with the Ryyhargon Unions and Nations and the CIS in order to create a powerbase with the movement of finances between markets to create a system of influence with a particular party. Therefore the reason why war was declared against the CIS, who naturally froze their assets as a result, raises concerns about just where from the Delnari Union is getting support. The New Ryyhargon Kingdom does not have guaranteed access to material resources due to actions taken by the Glebg'ygedden Regency and there are internal Ryyhargon petitions to switch to the Triumvirate Credit. Talgora officials theorised that a third party is involved, which would also explain influence to declare war, and the Confederate Fleet stationed at nearby Hub Worlds have been told to standby for an all-out invasion.

It is general knowledge that details regarding pre-space Talgora, specifically dates and times, have been destroyed at some point after the formation of the Serkan Confederacy. Despite this and the lack of competent historians, it is believed that the Serkan Confederacy emerged as a result of the final unification of Talgora whereby three continents of Tal, Goohr and Aress created a military alliance to counter a united army of islands across the planet that have supposedly grown envious of the success (or resources) of the three aforementioned continents. In the waning years of the war, the Iáde Empire, an advanced extraterrestrial civilization, was said to make an attempt to uplift the serkan people in order to fight an enemy of their empire. No-one knows what really happened, but an organization calling itself the Serkan Confederacy, which had the greatest influence over the control of gifted Iáde technology, dominated the two opposing global alliances and brought them under their umbrella. Tal City, now called Tal Central City, was designated the global capital because it was the first city the Iáde appeared.

In the beginning, the Iáde Empire was the only civilization of intelligent life in the Solarysi galaxy and at the apex of their empire, they conducted experiments into artificially creating organic life, some based on themselves, others not. The reason, theorised by some dregonian scientists, was simply boredom and or curiosity. The Iáde civilization had developed to a point where society was indestructible and automated. By the time the Rubox Empire attacked, the Iáde panicked and sped up their artificial life experiments alongside their military defence mechanisms in the hope that one day, they'll be used in sync. The Iáde only uplifted the serkans because they were the most naturally aggressive and possibly others if it were not for time constraints. By the time the rest of the serkans rose from their homeworld, the Iáde and Rubox were almost completely missing, and they were left with the reigns of the suddenly silent Solarysi Galaxy, unsure about what to do.

Across Triumvirate space,
participating nations are comprised of multiple self-governing territories, Confederate States in the Serkan Confederacy, Provinces in the Talgoran Empire, States in the Dregonian League and Territories in the Glebg'ygedden Regency. In turn, every country possesses a federal government; the Supreme Senate in the Serkan Confederacy, the High Council in the Talgoran Empire and Glebg'ygedden Regency, and the League of Governors in the Dregonian League.

The Serkan Triumvirate's Grand Council
is a committee of councilmen and elected representatives from across the Triumvirate and its Castes, which has the power to overrule the decisions of any government under it. International policy is dictated by the Grand Council, though it usually reserves legislation-related decisions to individual countries. Central High Command and the Triumvirate Admiralty are the military bodies that exist within the Triumvirate structure, charged with the overall military matters of the Triumvirate as a whole. The Triumvirate Admiralty, however, is more concerned about fleet traffic control in any state.

In a state of emergency, an agent with full, uncontested power is chosen among the Grand Council to become Ultimate Supreme Executive Chairman, or Grand Councillor for short. There are no terms and the only way to surrender this position is through declaration of relinquishment or by death.
Taldon is the first and current Grand Councillor of the Serkan Triumvirate.

The Leading Sciences Commission
is a privately owned, government sponsored organization concerned with beyond cutting edge domestic and military technology. They are both a scientific research development agency and a special operations army. Acting independently from the main chain of command, their job revolves around special tactics, reconnaissance, but most importantly, retrieval of interesting technologies, mainly from ruins of the I'ade Empire. They were established by the Triumvirate and have a local command branch in the four Triumvirate nations.

The Serkan Confederate Collaboration Committee
is an organized group positioned between native state governments and the Serkan Confederacy itself. In most cases, it acts as a conference where representatives of the two parties communicate their own individual needs as a state in the confederacy. Where there is no native government, the SCCC acts as a provisional government of the area until a true government is formed by local citizens. The SCCC itself is not a singular body across all of Triumvirate space, but rather it operates independently as branches focused only on their respective Confederate State, possessing no real higher power because it is administered by the responsible District Capital.

Border Dispute
The Serkan Triumvirate shares its border with eight nations excluding the New Ryyhargon Kingdom and the Delnari Union, the latter two, of which, are the only matters which have devolved into military engagements. A border dispute case with the Ppyat Empire and the Serkan Confederacy Hub-World of Jusiriktal involved a couple garrisons being out of place due to a communications error, by which the Ppyat Empire responded with targeting Jusiriktal itself, with an apocalypse-class warhead. But everything cooled when the Glebg'ygedden Regency threatened to fire back with thirty times the amount of warheads, which ironically, were originally meant for the Serkan Confederacy during the Third Ryyhargon War, but weren't in position before the Ryyhargon Schism happened. Now, the question on the table is where the fuck the Ryyhargon got thirty apocalypse-class warheads. Glebg'ygedden ambassadors assure the Triumvirate that it has no hostile intentions against it, and as a sign of good faith, the Glebg'ygedden Regency promised Hub-World Leden'gedexe's military support against Ryyhargon and Delnari forces in Hub-World Basis' District Daanfroth.

Adjacent to the Talgoran Empire is the Independant State of Dayag, Principality of Sara Polo and the Sovereign State of Kaht.
Adjacent to the Dregonian League is the Bethetime Republic, Rentola Colonies and the Xethodl Montaguary.
The Myno Federation sits adjacent to both the Talgoran Empire and the Dregonian League. They, in particular, are the largest imported source of synthetic material, which is pumped into the Dregonian League to fuel their secondary industries.
The Ppyat Empire, notorious for being far more bold than the other neighbouring nations shares its border with the Glebg'ygedden Regency, Serkan Confederacy and the Talgoran Empire, as well as the Independant State of Dayag, who are also sick of their shenanigans.

By declaration of the Grand Council, general governments are required to administrate industrial corporations vital to the operation of the country, such as Pyyridium energy and transport infrastructure. Other than that, the economy of the Serkan Triumvirate adapts mostly a laissez-faire policy. The Glebg'ygedden Regency is an exception, as it has a planned centralised economy set by the former Ryyhargon Unions and Nations.

Energy: Pyyridium
is a substance crystalline in appearance, used to fuel high-energy consuming machinery, such as ship engines or mega-structure generators. It was first introduced to the ancient pre-space Serkan Triple Coalition by the I'ade Empire as a source of spaceship engine fuel in a manner in which the details of its science is not clarified, nor was it encouraged to begin scientific investigation, which remains a controversial point in the scientific community, though mainly hushed by the fact that said investigations are unlawful.
It is known, however, to be extremely volatile when it becomes unstable via trauma, proven by the Ekedani Incident in 3602.8, by which crew members of the SCC Pionus Ignaire destroyed a Pyyridium mining tower triggering a chain reaction with a nearby Pyyridium asteroid causing an explosion which destroyed half the planet.

Pyyridium energy is among the Triumvirate's most vital supplies, along with shipping and communication. The Dregonian League supplies more than half of the Triumvirate's total supply of Pyyridium and this fact itself was used as a bargaining tool for negotiations during the Serkan Civil War.

The Triumvirate standard currency is the Triumvirate Credit, which was, with the help of several banking organisations, created by merging the Serkan Confederacy Sovereign and the Dregonian Lope. This occurred during the formation of the Serkan Triumvirate, when the Talgoran Empire was still using sovereigns. When this happened, all neighbouring civilisations save the Delnari Union, New Ryyhargon Kingdom and the Ppyat Empire, also converted to the Triumvirate Credit, as the trade of Pyyridium energy outside of the Serkan Triumvirate is stupidly expensive, although worth it.

The actual wealth of the Serkan Triumvirate is rarely a topic of fascination, as the Harmony Caste is generally focused on maintaining it, rather than improving it. The fact that every state under the Serkan Triumvirate's countries are considered independent for the most part, results in jurisdictions and legislature becoming the supreme obstacle when any thought of improving the economy infrastructure-wise, particularly in highly populated areas. The mindset encouraged by federal governments revolves around being self sufficient enough to a point that in times of war, operations can continue normally, and that states can tribute surplus in times of peace. Communities become competitive with one another in terms of both success and access of resources, and military strength is the determining factor in deciding the winner. Skirmishes are overlooked by the government unless more than two rival communities start fighting. The Harmony and Hostility Castes tend to do their own jobs so well that activity becomes detrimental to the other caste. They were considered more or less equal in importance, both being supremely responsible for the success of the serkans. Some general had the idea of putting state integrity first in preference to its security for some reason, so now, the Harmony Caste has the ability to veto Hostility operations. Didn't stop Communities from going to war, though, as the real power the Harmony Caste commands over the Hostility Caste is very limited.

Social-economics in the Triumvirate
From the way space traffic lanes are set up, branching from the Capital, Talgora, to its Hub-Worlds then to the District worlds, living conditions are generally higher the closer you are to Talgora. Supplies get more costly the further down to the border, and that tends to piss off vital garrisons. Worlds directly connected to a highway tend to be far more developed in every possible way as opposed to outpost worlds, which tend to be either vast slums or tropical paradises. By far, the best place to live is on a Hub-World, the nexuses of supplies, technology and comfort, and there always seems to be more than enough space. Talgora is considered to be too crowded and too hot for most visitors, though the beaches and waters are nice.
Other than the ranks of the Castes, there is no real social hierarchy and complimentary aristocracy. People tend to care about their own jobs and their own employees and will look after their own. In every city, there is a volunteered labor organisation which tend to look after the unfortunate and downtrodden of society. The "low-class" doesn't really exist.

has never really been a concern for serkan worlds, as Pyyridium energy is clean, and fast supply lanes tend to rid of rubbish by dumping it into Ryyhargon space.
Lol, no really.

The entire populace of the Serkan Triumvirate is divided into three separate, yet interconnected, castes which are used to distinguish a person's identity based on particular skills, mindsets or attributes. Any persons not organized in a caste are not considered legal citizens.

  >The Harmony Caste
Civil branch, work force and diplomats. Anyone who is not involved in the other two.

  >The Hostility Caste
Military branch, defence force, warriors and commanders, excluding support staff.

  >The Ethereal Caste
Not necessarily priestly, but more so with support officers, leaders or figures and those involved in what used to be considered supernatural arts. Other castes involve themselves in the frontal, physical realm, whereas 'Etherealites' support the former with special means.

  >The Grand Council
An authoritative body responsible for the supreme level of governance for the Serkan Triumvirate. Consists of a cabinet of councilors headed by a Grand Councillor, supported by representatives from the three castes and the heads thereof.

Regarding bodies of power

Hostility Caste

High Command: or 'Central High Command' is a term given to the top brass of the military forces of the Triumvirate. In times of serious war, a single supreme commander called 'Master Strategist' has full authority over all military aspects, held only by the most competent. A Vizier Strategist fills the role in times where a Master Strategist is not elected or in effect, but their power is limited.

The Triumvirate Admiralty: is an authority by which all powers convene on specific fleet movements and detail. They receive objectives from Central High Command and they decide how to achieve them.

The Command Board: is a conference of commanders and commands of their theatre of operations. They use this metaphorical hall as a means of communication, status updates and tactical discussion, receiving assignments and to voice opinions, advice or a suggest new strategy, tactic or goal.

The Cadre Operatives; or 'enlisted', consist of the armed forces of the Hostility Caste.

G R A N D  -  C O U N C I L
Grand Councillor
Master Admagistrate
Master Seer
Master Strategist
Hostility Reportrate
Harmony Reportrate
Ethereal Reportrate

H O S T I L T Y    
Master Strategist
Vizier Strategist
Board General

Fleet Master
Flag Magistrate
High Commander

Lord Commander
General Commander
Fleet Commander
Field Commander
Vice Commander

Sub General
Vice Leader
Guardianite Commander

H A R M O N Y    
High Admagistrator -Harmony Caste supreme commander
Vice Admagistrator -High Admagistrator's wingman
General Administrator -supreme officer; ie. minister of waste, water, foreign relations
Cell Reportrate -operations evaluator
Cell Master -operations commander
Magistrate -officer; they just fill chairs

Executive Administor -commander of Executive Administry
Executive Speaker -informant on internal affairs
Anergy Magistrate -informant on external affairs
Figral Representative -deliverer on affairs externally

Adminstrator -overseer of State Central Bureaucracy
Cell Administrator -commands cells, organizations and operations
Evaluator -analyses information
Reportate -ferries information from Region Administry

Administrate -decisions for Region Administry
Advizier -advises the administrate
Intelligence Officer -gathers information for everyone and everyone else
Moderator -worker leader
Proxite -base worker

E T H E R E A L  
High Seer -sees better stuff and decides if stuff is bad
Ethereal Seer -sees stuff better
Seer -sees stuff
Eviscerator -legendary dancers
Etherspy -ethereal manipulator
Spiritrate -soft-fabric manipulator
Impyrite -force manipulator
Royal Advisor -overseer serving to advise in operations
Cell Officer -underseer serving to advise in operations
Healer -super doctor
Dream Weaver -crafts cognitive augmentation
Apothecary -crafts physical augmentation
Acolyte -trainee

Gigantic orbital station in Talgora geostationary orbit over Tal Central City, the Collective Hive serves as the central forum and political seat of the Serkan Triumvirate. It's also an industrial district and central processing of materials. It is protected by the Talgoran Central Fleet.

Law of Power
([Ahzeerehn tudes dy'patamy]: Authority to he, the capable)

This policy states that all those in power must command the respect of their subordinates and carry noble reason, as required to be in such a position. If an officer of rank issues a questionable order, subordinates can enact the reserved right to officially challenge the officer directly, usually with a one-way duel, or trial proving unfitness. A commander must always make decisions that produces the best possible result, though preferably to good moral choice.  In almost all cases, commanders will usually have a means to keep their soldiers in-line, such as blackmail, respect through skill or simple friendship, (See: Alakaine Mother-fuckin' Moertriktus), or if a challenge would prove anti-duty-wise to the welfare of the Confederacy, the Law of Power is very contextual. This constant pressure serves to sharpen or break commanders, but also ensures no-one has power unproportionate to their level of capability officially through rank. As anti-progressional as this policy may seem, it is argued that this is the sole reason for the Serkan Confederacy's military success. Probably.

Law of Caste Jurisdiction
([Zen-saros katrintuhd 'dyebaan blendedg'iy'd]: Specialization offers advice, demands acknowledgement)

All incidents and events reside in the ultimate jurisdiction of the highest ranking member of the issue caste. In almost all cases, a High Seer demands more authority and reverence than a Fleet Commander, due to the difference in positional height in their respective ladder. This policy simply states, that in military matters, the Fleet Commander earns full authority in aforementioned matters, policy also stating; "no matter the rank".

Law of Flow, "The Flow Policy"
([Feehnda jusdyykt'mnal    fa daah pahl] For every action, a compromise is paid)

This applies to politicians mostly; every act ratified must have a relief in pressure to allow it to be better accepted in its environment, but cannot be in effect until then; that the flow is made. Crazy example: All citizens must be required to install home security measures; HOWEVER, this flow action is that the Government must invest funds into this sector with the express intent of reducing the prices of home security measures, and cannot be in effect until this process is underway. This makes politics far more harder than it should be. Really.

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Zyro Yuellas
Zyro Yuellas

Posts : 114
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Glory to the States of the Serkan Triumvirate Empty
PostSubject: Re: Glory to the States of the Serkan Triumvirate   Glory to the States of the Serkan Triumvirate I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 25, 2013 9:04 am

Best simplified as clans. They can range from small towns to planets. They represent the Confederate States of the Serkan Confederacy. They generally form a strong sense of identity, integrated into surnames and pride is generated from the success of someone's origin state.

The dating system of the Serkan Triumivrate; the New Confederate Standard Year, which begins counting from the formation of the Serkan Triumvirate. The current year, as of last editing, is 13 n.c.s.y.

Saract 28
10:12/26 Cycle

The date is generally organised as TERM/CYCLE; Saract 28.
Time is generated locally, based on the planet's revolution; 10:12/26 cycle.

Terms are periods of time consisting of sixty cycles. There are six terms per NCSY. They equally consist of sixty days. All official and/or extraplanetary dating follows Talgora Central Local Time.

Ten fingers, five per hand. Only natural ten becomes set base.
Soon - One
Douc - Two
Erykk - Three
Blyn - Four
Feehr - Five
Scureen - Six
Taleer - Seven
Edaan - Eight
Nexus - Nine
Tyfoon - Ten

Generally, there is a reverent respect of authoritative figures and charismatic leaders. Nowadays, rules of social exchanges are not strict following the formation of the Serkan Triumvirate. Traditionally, formal occasions demanded three rules be followed at all times. Pronouns were never to be used, nor are past-tense with direct reference to past events and finally, contractions could never be used, as it was considered impolite.

A low ranked individual would will refer to their betters as, "your excellency", in the same way a subject addresses a king. There are two types of 'salutes'. A simple, curt nod of the head is common among officers of equal or similar rank, while an absurdly important figure is custom to receive a full bow, the depth of which is reflective of the height of rank.


The official language of the Serkan Triumvirate is Modern Standard, also known as New Talgoran, Talgorei or Talgoran.
It is the easiest to learn language in all of Triumvirate space. It is generally vowel heavy with simple sounds, but because of this, words have no limit to length.

'Solafah Comindant'
'Fleet Commander'. Notice the lack of more than one vowel between consonants. However, there are some cases where a vowel is duplicated.

'Egg' or 'Pot'. The double 'ee' is an indication to use exaggeration or emphasis on the 'ee' portion. The 'h' letter is a commonality of a breathy exit/pronounciation.


Traditionally, serkan names are structed in a very universal standard.
Daen Zin'fandel will be taken as first example.
'Daen' is the first name. This is generally given at birth by a parent or clan leader, or chosen by the child themself when they become of mature age.
'Zin'fandel', the surname, is broken into two parts, clearly indicated by the apostrophe. The family name 'Zin' comes first (it's also permanent), followed by community/clan name 'Fandel'. At this time, Daen Zin'fandel belongs to the community or clan of Fandel. This portion of the name is dynamic and will change if Daen officially joins a new community.
In traditional names, this apostrophe does not exist.
'Zyro Yuellas'
This apostrophe is optional and is not critically important.

The greater good is something that all individuals of society strive for through accomplishments and results. As for religious concerns, a commonly accepted faith is that of the Unity of the Unseen.

This religion concentrates on the flow of energy in the universe, where positive and negative energy is created by organic's emotions, due to the usually illogical actions that are inspired by their feelings. Those who are attuned to the rivers of energy were considered gifted and were respected as scryers, seers and fortune-tellers, and were employed as such. When the following gained great support economically and politically, the Grand Council itself sought to establish the Ethereal Caste to join the often unbalanced Hostility and Harmony castes.

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Zyro Yuellas
Zyro Yuellas

Posts : 114
Join date : 2012-05-29
Location : Seated at the command chair of the CCS Khaki Diablo

Glory to the States of the Serkan Triumvirate Empty
PostSubject: Re: Glory to the States of the Serkan Triumvirate   Glory to the States of the Serkan Triumvirate I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 25, 2013 12:33 pm

All mobile military assets, units and supply are generally designated into permanent army groups known as Blocks, i.e. Block 1, Block 2, Block 3, which are further distinguished by what District they operate in.
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Glory to the States of the Serkan Triumvirate Empty
PostSubject: Re: Glory to the States of the Serkan Triumvirate   Glory to the States of the Serkan Triumvirate I_icon_minitime

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Glory to the States of the Serkan Triumvirate
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