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 The Azerothian Chornicles

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PostSubject: The Azerothian Chornicles   The Azerothian Chornicles I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 03, 2013 5:34 pm


(Eve Lens K!)

Rokai! Rokai! Fightin' Rokai!
Eve Lens K!
Rokai! Rokai! Fightin' Rokai!
Come get me!

(Eve Lens K!)

Rokai! Rokai! Fightin' Rokai!
Eve Lens K!
Rokai! Rokai! Fightin' Rokai!
Come get me!
Rokai! Rokai! Fightin' Rokai!
Eve Lens K!
Rokai! Rokai! Fightin' Rokai!
Come, a-come get me!

Rokai Zelevas Rule!
Numbers, Fate, Chance!


The drunken bastard known as Kaick disappears without a trace.

>Rokai Zelevas rises to power as King of Stormwind.

>The Resistance members Alyrion Tek'thelran, Lyrao Nh'tareehek, Vaimme Falleria and Miraniel Eukelade discuss the situation in the Pig and Whistle Tavern. An Organization member known as "The Observer" informs the group that Rokai has lost an extremely valuable item they referred to as an egg. Kaick is being held prisoner in Stormwind Keep, subject to experiments with the 'egg'.

Three years pass

Episode One: "Numbers, Fate, Chance"

>The Stormwind Underground begins a guerrilla war against Rokai's rule, however, the Resistance is focused on protecting the surviving citizens of Old Town, setting up their base of operations within the Pig and Whistle Tavern. The Defias are employed by Rokai to apply pressure on the Resistance.

>Alyrion, Lyrao and Adesane collect information from a Defias peon, learning about the location of the Defias Base... they then go and assault that. The group discover captive Theramore soldiers, who invite the Resistance to shelter in their city.

>The Resistance organize an evacuation of Stormwind to one of the dwindling havens of liberty, Theramore.

>Rokai's spontaneously amassed army spreads like the plague, launching simultaneous offensives all over the world, assaulting any threat to his rule.

>Lyrao, Alyrion and Adesane weave through guard ranks to an awaiting ship, several encounters with Rokai's guards served to confuse the enemy, allowing Vaimme's evacuation of the rest of the Resistance via a separate route.
The Azerothian Chornicles Stormw11


>Twelve hours after leaving Stormwind Harbour, the ship was somehow boarded by a douche cut-throat, but was promptly defeated by Alyrion, Lyrao and Adesane, however, the faggot escaped.

>On the third day of the voyage, the ship was attacked by two warships from Rokai's vast armada. The ship survived with significant damage to its lower hull (caused by submerged guards who poked at the ship with their swords. Underwater.), thankfully, the ship made dock at Theramore Harbour.

>The Resistance spent the night at the tavern, but unbeknownst to them, they were being observed by The Observer.
The Azerothian Chornicles The_ob11

>Speaking in a private room upstairs, the Observer illuminates Alyrion, Lyrao and Adesane to an insight on Rokai's operations, the creation of Rokai's inconceivably huge army and an item called the "Lens", which was the "egg" that Raithe stole from Rokai three years ago. The Lens is an enigmatic crystal with the power to capture a life force, then imbue it on any living organism, recreating the captured life force, but if no host is present, it creates a mindless creature called "Nameless". The Elevens Project was an organisation who dedicated their efforts to discovering and protecting the secrets of the Lens. The Sunken Island in Feralas was known as the Womb of Rejuvenation -- the place that a Lens can be created or repaired, however, the reason why Keheerathn destroyed it remains unknown. Rokai might be using the Lens' side effects through Kaick, allowing the manufacturing of his army without the Lens. The group discover that the Observer, Whisper is Lyrao's sister.

>An hour later, Theramore is besieged by an enormous Zelevas fleet, the streets overrun by Rokai's forces, forcing the Resistance to evacuate the city. Theramore falls.

>Alyrion, Lyrao and Adesane journey northwards with the goal to reach Darnassus, which remains untouched by Rokai's armies.

>After a day's rest, the group passes through multiple battlefields created by Rokai's conflict with the Fel Horde, even passing a neutral Quilboar arena tournament where an Orc with a touch of destiny upon him was competing.

>They arrive at a Rokai-captured Theramore fortress, and eliminate the straggling invasion force consisting of a dozen Stormwind brutes, and venture onwards into the Stonetalon mountains, a region long known for it's abundance of rare creatures and minerals. They are ambushed at the crossing into Ashenvale by Syndicate Assassins hired by the Defias, after a small battle, our heroes emerge victorious and continue through the passive homelands of the Kal'dorei, to the awaiting ship of their company.

>A day passes, Adesane, Alyrion, Whisper and Lyrao meet with the High Priestess of Elune, Parmae Silvergale upon their timely arrival in Darnassus City, one of the last known bastions of freedom from Fel-Horde and Rokai influence.
The Azerothian Chornicles Wowscr10

>Night of arrival: Sauve joins the party, claiming that pressure on the Stormwind Underground forced him to leave the city. Later that night: Eukelade joins the party, obviously known friend with history related to members of the Resistance.

>The next day, at noon: Adesane recruits Mekelron who passed some trials, being a fraction of the skin-in-front-of-his-teeth-close to failure. (It was probably rigged, no confirmation proof discovered)

>Day Three: Razoth's Introduction; greets Alyrion and Adesane in a jestful manner, knocks out a few guards then disappears, intents unknown, save for going to protect "Rokai's Interests", or something.

>Day Four: the Priestess tasks the Resistance and their new recruits with eliminating a Satyr threat within Teldrassil. The party successfully defeats the head of the seedy operation and celebrates the victory with the new recruits later that night.

>Day Five: Parmae meets the Resistance mid-afternoon and informs them of the escalating war within Azeroth, and that they will have to leave to seek additional allies in the coming battle. She allows the continued shelter of the Resistance's more 'Civilian' population whilst the party prepares for departure in the following day.

>On the day of departure, Alyrion, Whisper, Eukelade and Mekelron make preparations to depart. Lyrao and Sauve are nowhere to be found while Adesane outright demands to remain in the city for unknown purposes (I know she's gotta protect a drug racket, but you've gotta have priorities... saving the world and all?)

>After a full day of sailing, the company decides to make camp on the northern shores of seemingly barren Desolace for the night. Alyrion is troubled by nightmares prior to the sudden appearance of Lyrao and Sauve in the following morning.
The Azerothian Chornicles Wowscr11

>An hour later, the party encounters three Sin'dorei thieves bickering over the consequences of stealing goods from the Horde. Startled, the band lash out against the Resistance, leaving two dead and one yielding. He is taken aboard the ship prisoner alongside the stolen supplies.

>Later that afternoon, the party attempts to leave after reported sightings of heavy Horde garrison in the area, however two guards go missing and they are forced to leave without a thorough search of the area due to potential ambush.

>Twelve hours pass and the ship reaches the ruins of Feathermoon Isle off the coast of Feralas, a key location in the Resistance's first war against Keheerathn. They decide to once again set camp to rest for a day.
The Azerothian Chornicles Ferala10

>That night, the party is ambushed in their sleep by the Organization, leaving Lyrao and Eukelade with minor injuries, whilst Whisper is heavily wounded from a battle with one on the ship. Lyrao utilizes mysterious magic to heal her friends...
The Azerothian Chornicles Wowscr12

>The next day, after the group had recovered entirely, they pack their supplies and continue their voyage across the southern shores of Kalimdor.

>Ten hours into the voyage, the Resistance is ambushed by an odd bunch of pirates that hold up the ship, to their surprise, the band of scaliwags are captained by a familiar face. Now called "Captain Naf' 'Longshot', the once-assassin has no memory of his encounter with the party, and in fact seems quite insane. After short negotiations and several moments of awkwardness, they decide to join forces and make their way to the neutral trade city of Gadgetzan.
The Azerothian Chornicles Wowscr13

>An hour later, the crews reach the port harbour and make themselves at home within the city.
The Azerothian Chornicles Wowscr14

>The Resistance spent a good couple of days in town before the idea of moving on to a Hearth-tide base of operations, to wait until things calmed down. Nafayek went to go find recruits and stuff. The true nature of the Well of Ordeal is uncovered as well as Lyrao's deteriorating mental health.
The Azerothian Chornicles Wowscr15

>Three to four months are spent at the island-base of Alcaz. The short 'vacation' is mostly uneventful, but on the final day Lyrao was staring at Sauve who was in a deep sleep... in Nafayek's personal quaters. (Sauve went to give Lyrao something to eat, bacause she doesn't seem to do so on her own, then the idea of lifting Sauve's curse came to mind, so he asked her what exactly he needed to do...)
The Azerothian Chornicles Wowscr16

>Our heroes (LOL) arrive in the seedy... bastion... of Booty Bay, where they spend the day to rest after the weary journey from Kalimdor or something. The objective is clear -- find the Lens: by finding Raithe who happens to be hiding the in the craziest place on the planet... Darkshire, Zelevas Central. Tyraneus was last seen here, speaking with the shady constituents of Booty Bay.
The Azerothian Chornicles Wowscr17

>The faggots need to journey north through the thick jungles of Stranglecock in order to reach Duskwood, but after spending the night in a cave filled with very aromatic/suspicious mushrooms, they find themselves crossing paths with Grul'tok and Natamoro over at the local arena, this time, we have a little conversation over tea and cake, before someone realized that the Organization was in their contacts list. There was a really small, loud green chick who wouldn't stop yelling with her much taller, hairier, manly partner who spent the entire time yelling at the Resistance plus company and throwing cheap shots, failing then aptly labeling them as flukes, I think. Whatever.
The Azerothian Chornicles Wowscr18

>Duskwood. The Resistance sets up a small camp to rest their spirits and strength for the thing with the thing... Darkshire? Everyone's just using an excuse to be lazy is all. OK, you shouldn't view them in that light. They're all hard workers. All of them. Every single member. Including Mekelron. They deserve their rest. Yup. Cough.
The Azerothian Chornicles Wowscr19

>En route, the ever-sneaky Resistance bump into Incognito, who seems to be looking for breaches in the menacing Zelevas Army blockade/convoy/ranks/parade. He reveals that he's been tracking the Resistance (Garon-style) for a long time then hands a bizarre looking belt to Alyrion with a clear warning not to lose it. He advises the companions that there is a possible breach in the western perimeter and follows them to Darkshire.

>Immediately beset by distant and blatant calls for a box of tubing, solid building materials and a neo, Alyrion, Eukelade and Lyrao take in the all too familiar setting of Darkshire's... unremarkable appearance. By Chance, Raithe wonders by apparently looking for something. The group is rushed inside the building and confirms that Raithe has the Lens. Incognito tells Alyrion that he's completed his goal, declared the Lens and Eve are together (Elevens is a term labeled for both) and that he was a member of the Elevens Project. Xherdinscog appears and steals the belt, laughs at everyone for a bit then disappears nearly as promptly as she appeared.

>Everyone's out looking for traces of the Darkwatch (Nightwatch, was it?), and an incredibly ominous obsidian oval tears open smack bang in the centre of town, then dissipates a second later, leaving an Organization member who looks too similar to Keheerathn. From the ridiculously cheap mist effects, three other Organization members emerge. Keheerathn taunts the Resistance a bit, (by the book) then demands their deaths. He disappears in the same fashion as he arrived (kind of like Xherdinscog). Numerous other portals sprinkle open and Nameless surge and overwhelm what otherwise would be unoccupied spaces of air in the town. The Resistance flees like scattered cockroaches ... except for Lyrao, who was lying half-dead on the cobblestone road after being one-hit by Keheerathn's death beam of dark deathness.

>After a good twenty minutes of getting lost in the woods, an injured Alyrion is greeted by Chance. Literally. It's a huge fucking owl that swooped out of nowhere, had a casual conversation then lead her to Eukelade. Once again, the Resistance's prodigal path-finding skills are demonstrated, and Adesane emerges from the leaves and trees and bushes. After a few sentences from the owl are shoved down Alyrion and Eukelade's throats, Alyrion recognizes the similarities between the owl's voice and Lyrao's own: turns out that the huge fucking owl that swooped out of nowhere is actually Lyrao. In a cheesy nearly heart-felt moment, Lyrao, somehow full of emotion reveals the origin of Keheerathn, (After accidentally triggering the Elevens after discovering it for the first time, the process of replication was under way, but Kaick happened to be there to disrupt the process. The result was very messy, a part of Lyrao was ripped from her soul and this being claimed and twisted her last name.) It then becomes a fully fledged heart-felt moment when Lyrao then apologies for her depressive behaviour and Alyrion forgives her for it. (a side effect from losing her mind. Also, why didn't she reveal this before? Why didn't Chance appear for those three years? Because Lyrao had fallen into the final stages of her rot -- Keheerathn's retardedly ominous aura tends to do things.) Once again, the goal of obtaining the full Elevens becomes clear, however, Raithe and Sauve who are presumably carrying the Lens, is nowhere to be found. (By the end of the exchange, Alyrion's broken something has completely healed itself)
The Azerothian Chornicles Wowscr21

>Due to Keheerathn's 'warp-storm', or whatever, we are forced to trek west and fluke into a comfortable camp in a trustworthy town that has been vacated for our comfort. It also appears to be protected by spirits of old, so our survival chance increased dramatically. (Chance was literally walking with us)
The Azerothian Chornicles Warpst10

>Now, if we pretend that Whisper's kidnapping by Bartleby never happened, Incognito challenged Alyrion, Lyrao and Tyraneus (who emerges at this key point: he always had our backs) to a battle of fate, wits and will and something. After a good six minutes of fighting with no clear victor (Incognito wasn't even trying), Alyrion questions the purpose of the battle then Incognito asks if they're confidant that they can successfully defeat Keheerathn and Rokai. Revelations aside, the Resistance has no choice in the matter. No-one else is capable or has the luck to perform this feat... (Hang on a second, where was the rest of the Resistance?)
The Azerothian Chornicles Wowscr22

>A recent moment of what the fuck prompted Alyrion to initiate the search for the Darkwatch faster than something, and Alyrion, Eukelade, Mekelron and Raithe venture into the graveyards of graves, throw a password at an inconspicuous guard then descend into the Darkwatch den. We found the former Captain of Darkshire's Nightwatch hidden there with ten or so others and the Resistance finds themselves in a convenient position accepting new members. (By the way, Alyrion actually hasn't gained that generous...ness of fat because she's a fat-ass, but because she's actually pregnant.)
The Azerothian Chornicles Wowscr23

>The plan is simple. Well, actually, no it's not. Alyrion hasn't bothered to share the specifics of the plan publicly -- or any details or hints, for that matter. The Resistance Task Force is silently carving a path through Redfuck Mountains, edging its way closer to Rokadia City as gracefully as Kaicke edges his way up a temple-hand's robe in that cathedral back in Stormwind, without knowing their gender -- illustrates our lack of intelligence of enemy forces. We really don't need to know what the Resistance was doing with that trampoline, but for the moment, they're catching their breath. There are murmurs of a rendezvous.
The Azerothian Chornicles Spider10

We defeated Keheerathn.
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The Azerothian Chornicles
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