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 The Cast

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Zyro Yuellas
Zyro Yuellas

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Zyro Yuellas (Lord Commander, Hostility)
Marching through the command centre with an air of superiority that would either enthral or annoy, the comparably young Lord Commander is recognised for his battlefield antics and "unique" strategic vision. A respectable can-do attitude attributes for most shenanigans and casualties under his command and he exercises faith in the ability of his troops which influences his indifference of losses. A steadfast believer in the serkan code of "anything is legal if you can get away with it", his pride as a officer of the nation is never hidden which is an unhealthy mix with his shenanigans on and off the field. Despite his best efforts and skills, the best commanders of our board believe he has a rank too high for his character and the mystery of his career's unexplainable achievements are taboo.

Alakaine "Piece-of-shit" Moertriktus (Master Seer, Ethereal) DECEASED, VAN NOWHERE TO BE FOUND
The most spectacular and fantastic figures of cautionary tales told to misbehaving children are more or less inspired by the inventor of illegal underground combat sport, Soccer. The brainchild conceivable only through the dark dreams of the damned and delirious Alakaine Moertriktus. The cloaked backstabber fancies a space-worthy, suspiciously-scented ancient van to travel the universe in, but his most striking feature is his hacking cough and mutterings of what he refers to as valued business trials, beach hotball and racing chickens. Furthermore, he is a threat to endangered species, marine life and common decency, yet never convicted, seemingly due to his powerful allies on the Harmony Senate and Hostility Central High Command. Most believe that he's a myth brought to life with a sophisticated hologram network, but no matter how you look at it, those who investigate end up dead, sent to his subzero homeworld, forced into a cruel, ironic pursuit for the truth.

Kixxo Kreighund (Master Seer, Ethereal)
This man represents everything every man should strive to be. What are those things? We'd publish a list, but when we hit fruit preservatives we fired the guys (out of a cannon into nearest star) making the list. Back to reality: no-one can truly say, but we at least conclude that he's a master of men. (Women too).

Saenx Ryra Arctrektia RaffaenStein (Executive Administor, Harmony)
Well respected critic in pornography, Sir Rawrsington surrounds himself with the underground's best and dirtiest dirt dark of dirt brigands who raid the forest every night, constantly searching for the super-colliding supercolliders they misplaced, stolen from a glue factory but lost due to logistical error. Alas, the dream could never last when accusations from the Ryyhargon Church of Charity regarding his being caught selling cigarettes to children surfaced on the network.
Also known as Sir Rorsington, after that incident at a pornography production studio, Saenx leads a band of dirty, dirty, dirtiest of dirty dark brigands who go raiding every week at night, when they're not posing as a charity organisation exploiting the kind hearted workers of a glue factory. That all fell to shit after an all out assault on Kripkee's Korner (a local gentlemen's club), when they got tired of yelling at each other for losing their ship's navigational charts, medical supply crates and superconducting super-colliders in the woods. After this dark chapter, Saenx was allegedly trying to seek a better path, but that didn't last long, since he was caught selling cigarettes to children from a religious establishment, the very next day, then blamed his dirty, dirty cravings on a three-thousand year old statuette of a Ryyhargon spiritual figure, who was secretly laughing at him, like those greedy pirates from the aforementioned porn studio. A vision pointed him towards that studio (he was dead drunk last night, celebrating his unbirthday with one of the bi-curious furry doll dry-humping temple hands he met during his financial ascension), to work. Sir Rorsington is a filthy rich porn star with a questionably cock-hungry assistant of religious affiliation, who frequents trips to the moon to get high. He didn't pick the thug lyphe. The Thug Lyphe pickeded him.


Raul "Fucking Mark" Suddenius'Betrayal Ocean (General Commander, Hostility)
A military genius, like any precious commodity of the domain, is a valuable asset generally focused on pursuits of the nation without distraction and deviation. However, Mark is so far ahead of each of us, we fail to realise, as analytical beings confined to refined, rational thought, that every single falling and failure is actually a success. From our perspective, we view a reckless fool blessed with fleet of foot to avoid death at every turn, yet is somehow incapable of rendering our proud forces victorious regardless of whatever favourable circumstances his predecessor achieved. Many crude rumours, such as Suddenius owing Lord Commander Yuellas sixteen credits over a bet Bleyk would last at least ten minutes in a war games duel against the Lord Commander, are publicly known to be true. Eventually Suddenius' disgrace snowballed to a point where he was kicked five ranks down as the result of a sick joke Yuellas had, which involved several Ryyhargon gnakerides, the arctic regions of an unknown planet, and diving. His talents all but proven non-existent, his career seems impervious, as is his position under the Basis Arm banner, a cause for concern, considering the silent higher-ups. When questioned by our agents, Suddenius feigns ignorance in regards to our questions on his protected status.

Zudoric Hikito (Vice Leader, Hostility)
Absolutely indestructible.

Bleyk Sixteenius, Crown Prince of Fuck You (Apothecary, Ethereal)
Beyond waking moments of trial and time of the good citizens under the gathering night, stride the steadfast beacons of revolution and destruction: the deranged personalities born from the fountain of plight and pressure, one of which fashions itself a name, Bleyk, strides dutifully, unopposed on the streets of the civilised. Upon the creaky shoulders of a croaky half-corpse, half-bear lies the tasks and blames of a monster not meant for our world. We, the good citizenry of the nation, are preyed upon like leraps mauled by screaming kalthure during winter period, and we, the good citizenry of the nation, demand justice and the services flagged obligation of the state. Sins of the abominable shan't be dismissed, regardless of the number of times Bleyk scoffs from below in his bottomless pit.

Jheron "Gold Experience" Pororo, the Loli Loli Hunter (Empyrite, Ethereal)
An upstanding gentleman with simple, agreeable (and legal, holy fucking Keheerathn) tastes. Damn pervert. Some believe his mind is comparable a kids' swing set: this however, is of course off the mark because his focus is superb and damn honest. Captain Pororo is on the community 'suspicious persons' watch list of two hundred of the C.I.S.'s two hundred confederate states. Damn pervert. Pororo has several counts of sexual harassment, has hijacked and "accidentally" misconfigured a major interstate telecommunications line (he lagged the shit out of it) and has had a stern talking to by the Hostility Caste's Central High Command over the nuclear missile scare last term. Damn pervert. His misfortune in the legal court has never been explained and never will be, because this gentleman is of course, innocent. Damn pervert. It is in the infinite wisdom of the powers that be, that this gentleman is the best individual to represent our entire civilisation to the rest of the universe. Damn pervert. His heart and cock are in the right place (but not his cock).
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The Cast
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