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 Places Of Interest

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PostSubject: Places Of Interest   Places Of Interest I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 10, 2013 8:54 pm

Eresk Arm
Serkan Triumvirate

Traditional Capital - Talgora
Home-world of the Serkan race and political seat of the Triumvirate Central Command. Most modern cities are built above the surface, as most of the planet is ocean. Extremely humid.

Capital - The Collective Hive
Central High Command and Information Forum of the entire Triumvirate network. Largest ship-construction facility in Triumvirate space. Serves as the Triumvirate's Capital. A vast orbital platform resemblant of the Death Star, without the giant planet-obliteration laser.

Serkan Triumvirate Hub Worlds:
Serkan Confederacy - Excentri
Serkan Confederacy - Jusiriktal
Serkan Confederacy - Basis
Serkan Confederacy - Acertis
Serkan Confederacy - Foundation

Talgoran Empire - Link
Talgoran Empire - Sen-Saro
Talgoran Empire - Threshold
Talgoran Empire - Chronotine

Dregonian League - Sanctuary
Dregonian League - Charmless
Dregonian League - Ocaratanus
Dregonian League - Xaantual

Glebg'ygeddyn Regency - Leden'gedese
Glebg'ygeddyn Regency - Alfact
Glebg'ygeddyn Regency - Bredenar

Oceanic World. Under-developed. Birthplace for Qkooklaa; mythological fish that can supposedly speak to other sea creatures. Alakaine Moertriktus was the first man to ever conduct the first real "intimate" investigation with one.

Yalderon Nexus
Barren piece of shit. Confederate High Command HQ used during the Schism of 3603.8

Ryyhargon-Ravaged, Serkan-Claimed Garden world. Serkan Operations halted at the beginning of the first Serkan-Ryyhargon War, and never resumed. Birthplace of Zyro Yuellas, Kila Aberax and Buraadn Jelrax.

Cradle Station
Mysterious, high-tech mobile battle-space station in constant untraceable movement.

Sara Prime
A blatantly obvious terraformed planet owned exclusively by the Quantum Weapons And Technology Industries corporation and is used as their Head Office, core testing facility complex and laboratory. (That’s right. An entire world.)

Considered to be Serkan holy planet. At first glance, the world appears to be a good example of a garden world … hiding its fabricated, Iáde-constructed core. Serkan High Command likes to classify everything about the world, but as always, leaked info seeped on the Network detailing the existence of functional Rubox technology. Naoi was believed to be a hidden Iáde research facility during their war with the Rubox Empire, rushing to exploit any flaw in their fundamental approaches to technology. Major pieces included some power generators and chairs and stuff.

New Ryyhargon Kingdom

Capital - Kcyrndarossp (Kern-Dah-Rose)
Hestagaron home world and current capital planet of the New Ryyhargon Kingdom. Extremely polluted atmosphere and shadowed by hundreds of large moons.

A former Serkan space-hulk serving as the last haven of the Mandeni Nation after losing a devastating battle with a Ryyhargon client race. Its capabilities as a ship-yard and armoury has drawn the attention of Ryyhargon Leaders, resulting in its forced service as a mobile construction and repair platform, against the wishes of Loth’s current and past owners.

Ozen Frontier
Ryyhargon border worlds utterly devastated, some devoid of habitable features, resulting from the ceaseless border skirmishes with the organised and aggressive Serkan Triumvirate. A good third of all Ozen worlds are flagged as contaminated by both nations.

Suzann’s Eye
An abnormally large and everlasting magnetic cloud cloaks Ryyhargon origin worlds from the rest of its territory. Serkan top scientists present theories that the cloud is artificial, raising concerns about Ryyhargon technological progress, when in fact, it is a Rubox creation whose purpose is left to interpretation.

Neutral Bodies

Sub-zero world, extremely rich in metallic resources. Originally a core member of the Nefga Empire and funded the Rysokiea Union's uprising against the Serkan Confederacy in 3582.6. Birthplace of Alakaine Moertriktus.

Cold, shadowed capital world of the dissolved Nefga Empire. Known for the Keregen Incident. Then Commander Zyro Yuellas is killed during the sacking.
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Places Of Interest
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