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 Justification of Shattered Suns and Souls

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Zyro Yuellas

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Justification of Shattered Suns and Souls Empty
PostSubject: Justification of Shattered Suns and Souls   Justification of Shattered Suns and Souls I_icon_minitimeTue May 29, 2012 5:28 pm

Justification of Shattered Suns and Souls Serkan_Confederacy
Serkan Confederacy Ethereal Administry of Totally Secretive Secrets


A dark smear in the fabric of existence, the entire galactic community chooses to ignore this evil date, whereas others -- assumed to be indoctrinated -- would rather embrace the cold reckoning.
This anniversary marks the beginning of desecration - the Greitckst Dynasty.

A little bit of history
All familiar with the process of indoctrination will know that this is a slow and subtle process, but the Dias of Destruction is no push-over. The mere utterance of its name would galvanise the cruellest dictators and ring fear throughout the cosmos. Its power knew no bounds. Every galactic civilisation in the universe -- NO EXCEPTIONS -- came together as brothers in arms to co-ordinate a united fight against the invincible daemon. After at least hundred years later, the nest was accidentally discovered.
The militaries of the universe assembled a weapon of mass destruction to use on the Dias. The weapon ultimately failed and seemingly added to the fiend's strength, raw power to rival that of a fleet of Rubox dreadnaughts.

Over time the need to reproduce became evident. The first step was to acquire a worthy agent whose sole purpose was to gather information on a species. The Dias of Destruction chose Eryksalafak or locally called "Earth" by humans - the dominant species at the time that this is written.

Physical appearance
If the Dias of Destruction had a form that was comprehensible to organic life, it would have been depicted as a tall, menacing, grotesque corpse. The Dias is a master shape-shifter and is constantly referred to a ‘succubus’ by many cultures. It possesses extremely long, razor sharp claws, shaped like knives assumed to be a chrome silver, if it weren't stained with the blood of a frightening amount of victims. The Dias prefers to cause grievous bodily harm and unthinkable mutilation to its prey before leaving it to bleed to death. The most unnerving feature of ‘It’ is its dark, pupil-free “eyes” which are rumoured to have the ability to harvest children’s souls, but of course, these are just cautionary tales told to misbehaving children. Everyone is equally vulnerable.

"Meaning of Darkness: The Dias of Destruction"; Chapter 1, 2 sample extracts
Absurd abominations are born from fabrication in the deepest of Rubox "science" establishments. For a long time, it was uncommon belief that the 'Dias of Destruction' was one of these atrocious creations (used as an indirect weapon to subdue opponents), but there is enough evidence to suggest otherwise (combat reports from every nation's navy). Records through means acquired that are otherwise confidential, indicate that the Dias may be older than an entity Rubox ranking officials refer to as 'The Leviathan. Further records describe the Leviathan as a "corporeal eldrich abomination or'elil", predating the outer universe, which threatened to destroy everything.
The Rubox at that time (approx. 789,642,846,374,596,787,983,541,480,856 Talgoran years ago), volunteered the role of finding a solution and stop the Leviathan from devastating existence, with the universe's resources at its disposal. Such an entry has been catalogued under 'Mythology', but the key note of this tale is that conventional and non-conventional weapons could not damage the beast at all.
Theories suggest that the Leviathan may be a creation of the Dias, immediately prompting a re-evaluation of its capabilities. To identify the purpose of this report, one must look at the presentation of the Leviathan in contrast to the Dias itself. Original documents describe the Leviathan and the Dias being of the same entity and there is no contradicting evidence -- as both have never been spotted anywhere near each other. These things have the power to crush literally anything that dare stand in their way, however, they have not. Perhaps it's simply a case of elephants versus ants? Only time will tell. Oh, and the complete and utter destruction of everything, if you're lazy and bored.

<< Further pushes in investigating the subject's behavioral patterns have been destroyed due to suspicious funding and energy issues. The power draw from the Jenesys Program is too unstable and dangerously unpredictable to continue. Our efforts to replicate certain classified aspects of gruesome and thrilling detail are to be disbanded -- our only recourse is to either rely on current dated information or to gather fresh data off the field, putting our agents at risk of perishing.
~Screl Xan'Danalep

>> I am astounded that such a notion of risking lives is even hinted at. The Leading Sciences Commission is split evenly between those who would abandon this project and those who're curious -- like children playing with super-heated fire on steroids on Marasis Staras' equator on a particularly hot summer day with no ice-cream. We tread on an extremely narrow line bordering 'Illuminating Information of Value' and 'OHMAGOD, Seriously, That's Messed - You Need To Stop'. Bottom line: You'll get the resources you need. The Drill Project we have our top scientists and engineers working on cannot be thrown away, especially when we're so close to completion! Anyway, does anyone have iridium gems lying around? We only need a couple. Honest.
~Zyro Yuellas

Watching the fleet indicators up here is rather... spectacular. Green triangles representing our own forces are arranged as per High Commander Aberax's orders. This would be a rather standard formation if it weren't for our obviously missing wing. Every now and then, a loose triangle moves out of formation, blinks after connecting with a red triangle, flash then either triangle flows backwards. Sometimes it flickers out completely, left with a "Lost" message. We're due reinforcements from an unlikely friend. Ryyhargon ships within the hour are to open a new flank over there for a bit... for us. Eventually the Delnari ships will need to change their game-plan or move around a bit. This has a different feel to Excentri. The enemy lines weren't as organised because they went straight to attacking vital ground structures and locations, our forces, unprepared, fell into disarray. We were picked on and pushed back. A simple enemy with predictable tactics and inevitable or obvious goals. They can be studied, understood and remembered. If a particular maneuver works, they will use it again and again until we find a counter and use it against them. The cycle repeats because we take an understanding and we accept a capacity of appreciation.
789,642,846,374,596,787,983,541,480,856 years ago, there was a conflict between two parties, not unlike our current battle over Zadariinan. However, the circumstances were different. The Rubox Empire's opponent was something that could not be understood in any capacity. Its goals transcends comprehension and their limit of power was yet to be seen, studied and countered. At random, the Leviathan inflicted inconceivable amounts of damage on fleets and buildings. These occurrences should have been analysed, but in the end, there were no dots to connect. It was described as Chaos incarnate itself. There were no tactics to prepare against, no obvious rational strategy to study. No capacity of appreciation, yet the Rubox survived. Not because they were victorious in their war campaign, but because the Leviathan grew bored and disappeared.
~Daen Zin'fandel

The process of indoctrination is very unclear, but its effects are quite apparent and evident as being effective. A mind can be remoulded, memories disappear and senses and recollections have been known to have been fabricated. This can occur through direct eye contact, proximity or by random will. Victims tend to look more favourably at the Dias, even protecting them with their own lives.

Symptoms of Mega Diasoctrination include:
>permanent brain damage
>blood-clotting in the brain
>traumatic stresses
>neurological disorders
>intense faggotry
>extremes of bias
>numb fingers
>missing lungs
>fits of rage
>super dick cancer
>stomach worms
>skin cancer
>heart attacks
>adrenaline rush
>watching porn
>thoughts of mass genocide
>being introverted
>being extroverted
>eating too much
>existing too much
>fascination with consuming cake-like food
>wearing hats
>attending school
>making Bleach quotes
>liking the colour purple
>having a favourite food
>having sexual relations with that woman
>denying having any sexual relations with that woman
>fascination with roleplaying
>being affiliated with the Serkan Confederacy
>hatred of northerners
>not having a keyblade
>living with your parents
>using all caps
>appreciate more than one genre of music
>contribute to the community
>driving a car
>selling ice-cream
>recognising the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
>browsing e-bay for second-hand human organs
>selling second-hand human organs on e-bay
>ability to play any musical instrument
>feeling the weight of your jaw
>manually breathing
>reading a list of symptoms that includes 'breathing' midway
>reading a list of symptoms
>reading a list

There is no way to reverse any damage made by the Dias. Whatsoever.
~Zyro Yuellas

The theory of the Dias of Destruction's indoctrination is that acting like a succubus, it drags its victim, literally, into a world where they alone exist. This dimension, called "Suddenius-space" slowly forms around the Dias and victim and slowly phases them out of the original existence. That occured with our good friend Saenx. We, meaning Alakaine, myself and our top researches aimed to build a super-fuck-you drill that had the ability to tear a hole into suddenius-space, but it was never fully tested.

I pose this statement; Former Master Seer Alakaine Moertriktus is being dragged into suddenius-space. (For future reference, the being that still exists in this reality shall be refered to as 'Alakoone', or 'Shitfuck', depending on differing tastes.)
Therefore, the circumstances regarding Saenx's indoctrination will theoretically be similar, with few variables (see attached note 1; (lolnope, password required)).

A list of symptoms of Mega Diasindoctrination was drawn, but there is no means of measuring the severity of cases, leaving us with the accursed, yet tasteful method of 'guesstimating'. We as observes can only make the observation of a subject's corporeal presence; ei, does a person still exist in the original reality? We could possibly, as observers, investigate short term damages on an individual, though once again, cases are extraordinarily rare, and no measurement scale can be drawn.

Concerning Subject Shitfuck, there are still many variables, such as; has the current process of Diasindoctrination demonstrated to be completely voluntary, if so, why was this the case? Severity? Possible rescue? Is it contageous?
Second on the priority list is the damage caused by this particular case, which is still being investigated; which will also affect the possibility of ultimate rescue. Should Shitfuck be subject to rescue?
(For the purposes of Skype-call integrity and the safety of quit-call buttons, some details have been omitted)

Proposed Constiguents of the Diasoctrination
Career of the subject
Resultant sanity of the subject
Penis size of the subject

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Justification of Shattered Suns and Souls Empty
PostSubject: Re: Justification of Shattered Suns and Souls   Justification of Shattered Suns and Souls I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 14, 2013 10:03 am

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Justification of Shattered Suns and Souls
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